• We can provide your business with virtual assistants who can do lead generation, telesales, and Direct Response Television (DRTV) support.
  • Our pool of talented agents can handle telephone call answering, internet/web research, order-taking & fulfillment, travel agency support, and logistics.
  • Our technology-savvy agents can perform as Search Engine Optimizers, salespersons, recruiters, bookkeepers, and human resource personnel.
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Our Areas of Expertise

Exceptional Customer Service is Excellent Business

A happy customer is one who is fully satisfied with a purchase or service, plus the support they get. This experience does not only measure customer satisfaction, but also build customer trust and confidence in the company. Such is the goal that most Customer Service Outsourcing providers want to accomplish for their clients.

We Revolutionized Outsourcing in the Philippines.

As one of the fast-growing BPO companies in the Philippines, Taking You Forward places great emphasis in customer and client satisfaction. This is why we constantly invest in our infrastructures and people to cater to the growing needs of our business clients and of their customers.

Taking You Forward has an outstanding track record in outsourcing in the Philippines, and many new BPO companies look up to us and follow our standards. We have the best people from different industries to handle your voice and non-voice service needs and up-to-date solutions and technologies to perform them. We aim to become an outstanding call center in the Philippines.

Our Services

We extend outstanding customer service resulting to satisfied repeat customers.  Great customer service is your business’s best competitive advantage.

Your customers always need some assistance – from a simple price inquiry to how to operate a product. It’s important that your customers are satisfied before, during and after any transaction. This is vital to retain your current customers and attract new ones.

Taking You Forward recognizes that good customer service is the lifeblood of your business. We provide your customers with the finest Customer Service by utilizing only the best agents and proven procedures. What matters is that your customers stay happy and satisfied. Our personalized Customer Service solutions include:

  • Product Sales Inquiry
  • Product Info Request
  • Order Taking
  • Directory Inquiry
  • Product Recall Management
  • Event and Trade Show Registration
  • Billing Queries
  • Customer Care and Support
  • Appointment Setting
  • Account Management
  • Contact Information / Data Verification
Our user-friendly technical support with short average handle time means that customers are assured of quick troubleshooting assistance whenever things go wrong with their products or service.

With Taking You Forward, your customers are in good hands. Our expert Technical & Helpdesk Support agents can provide the much needed information, assistance, or solutions to any technical problem to get your customers back on track right away. We can customize any Technical Support solutions to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Technical and Help Desk Support
  • E-Mail and Live Chat Support
We can do business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) telemarketing.  Depending on your business needs, we can do lead generation, sales, outbound, and inbound telemarketing.

Taking You Forward can take care of finding more customers for you. With our help, you can focus on the core essentials of your business. We have professional agents who can do both inbound and outbound sales or telemarketing. Using our tested methods, we can engage leads and contacts, then qualify and create new customers for your business. Boost your sales with any of our proven Telemarketing solutions:

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Product Promotion
With our effective marketing strategy and data survey methodology, we can do web survey, online survey, online questionnaire, interview, research, sampling, data collection, and calculate statistic and probability to generate new and potential customers for your business.

Taking You Forward has an expert Data Survey team that acts as your first line in finding the exact customers you want. We can generate leads and contact customers. We can gather interests, opinion polls, surveys, product needs, and lifestyles based on specific sales campaign needs. Our Data Survey capability maximizes your business potential and increases your sales conversion rate. Increase your potential customers with our dependable Data Survey solutions:

  • Inbound Sales and Lead Generation
  • Inbound Market Survey
  • Service and Polling
  • Outbound Market Survey
  • Outbound Sales and Lead Generation
We are the right consultant/contractor to assist you in running your company.  We have the best support personnel to sustain operations for your product, manufacturing, administration, accounting, database, or human resources.

By outsourcing your Back Office Services to Taking You Forward, you can save a lot on maintenance and overhead costs. We have expert personnel who can take care of your vital administrative processes. Secure your essential business operations with our Back Office solutions for:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Market Research
  • Data Validation
  • Inventory
  • Human Resources / Recruiting
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Payroll and Logistics
Virtual Assistant Philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc.

Customer Service

We offer the best Customer Service worthy of your time and investment.
We know how important your customers are to your business.
We will help you meet your customers’ needs.
We are highly capable of supporting your customers anytime, all the time.
For us, Customer Service is King.

Customer Service

We can deliver great customer service and meet all your customers’ needs.
Outbound Call Center | Taking You Forward, Inc

Technical Support

New technologies can give your business a competitive advantage. However, they also pose unique problems when things go wrong.

But no worries! We have your back.
We quickly troubleshoot problems with our proven Technical Support.

Technical Support

We provide 24/7  Technical Support.
Virtual Assistant Philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc.


We can boost your sales through our effective telemarketing strategies. We make this possible by hiring and training telemarketing agents with genuine experience in sales. We can promote your brand, turn leads into sales, and deliver quick responsive solutions. We can cater to your programs, whether be it promotions, subscriptions, upselling and cross-selling.


We can find the right customers to expand your business.
Call Center Company | Taking You Forward, Inc.

Back Office Processing

Make your company grow by outsourcing your Back Office Processing with us. We provide effective and efficient back office solutions for leaders who want to pay more attention to their business. With our technologies and experienced workforce, we can support the comprehensive outsourcing requirements of clients from all industries. We are geared towards your business’ growth.

Back Office Processing

Our Back Office solutions let you focus on the core essentials of your business.