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5 Ways To Reduce Business Expenses

Many businesses constantly look for ways to minimize their expenditures without compromising the quality of their product or service or foregoing future development and growth. From lessening overhead expenses in the company’s daily activities to investing in cost-cutting measures, companies strive hard to decrease spending and increase profit.


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Customer Service Metrics: 8 KPIs to Consider

If you have embraced the path of outsourcing for your customer service support, it is about time to develop a comprehensive understanding of call center key performance indicators (KPIs). Through KPIs, you are able to measure the performance of a call center and identify the areas they are good at and areas they need to improve […]

How Well Can You Manage Your Outsourced Team

Managing an outsourced team stationed on the other side of the world can be very difficult. But there are ways to make this task easier.

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Infographics: Call Center Basics: Inbound vs. Outbound

There are two (2) basic services a call center provides: (1) inbound services and (2) outbound services.

Know their differences by reading this article.

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Infographics: Understanding the Outsourcing Process Step by Step

Outsourcing may be something that you really need for your business right now.

But before you make the big leap, it is important to first have an idea of how the entire outsourcing process works.

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Key Lessons From Outsourcing SME Services To A Call Center

Running your own small business is a continuous learning process.

Here are important things that you can learn from outsourcing your SME services to a call center.

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Boxing Tactics to Clinch Your Business a KO Win

Various equipment and processes are also utilized, such as skipping rope, punching bags, punching mitts, shadow boxing, long-distance jogging, and sparring. All experts, equipment, and processes support the boxer’s main objective: To win every boxing match either by knockout or decision.

Running a business is very similar to boxing. You must do the following:

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The Philippines Beats India As Call Center Hub of the World

Call center outsourcing is a big factor in the economic growth of the Philippines and India. Aside from the statistics stated in the previous statement, what could have attributed to the Philippines’ success?
Here are five clear reasons why the Philippines overtook India in the call center supremacy.
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3 Free Internet Tools To Enhance Lead Generation

Do you know how to get more customers to increase your sales? The answer is Lead Generation, which is the process of collecting relevant contact information of your prospective customers.

So before you lose your mind figuring out where to get more customers, check out below the 3 absolutely free Internet tools that can dramatically improve […]

Outsourcing Makes Your Business Flexible

Business processes, such as customer service, credit card processing and billing inquiries, may not be core activities, but still they are essential operations and you may not want to remove them. Why not hand these functions over to one of the fast-growing BPO companies in a developing country? For instance, these aforementioned processes can be […]