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E commerce Outsourcing | Taking You Forward, Inc.

6 Factors That Make a Mobile App for Customer Service Excellent

With almost  everyone owning a smartphone these days, mobile customer service is fast becoming a necessity.  Consumers are looking for more options and ways to reach customer service and not just through email or phone.  The mobile app is certainly very convenient, plus it can offer multiple features all focused on customer satisfaction and support.


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4 Characteristics Of Fantastic Mobile Customer Service

Smartphones have revolutionized the business industry by making almost everything available instantly wherever you are. Companies must do their best to keep up with the competition and with their customers’ expectations of having multiple channels available for their customer service needs. Aside from phone, chat, email and social media, company websites should also […]

Personalize Customer Service with These 5 Tips

A personalized customer service makes customers feel special and when they do, they become better customers of the company – they spend more and tell everyone they know how happy they are of our service. How do we personalize our customer service? Take note of these 5 tips:


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5 Reasons to Provide Exceptional Service to Online Customers

It may be easy to put up an online retail store or roll out a new product, but it’s harder and more expensive to bring back customers you drove away. So when you are in an online business, customer service first before profits, and not the other way round.


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The Untapped Potential of Live Chat

Discover the benefits you could get when you implement live chat in your respective e-commerce websites.

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Outsourcing Boosts Ecommerce Sales Revenue

Are you…

An established business looking to streamline your ecommerce marketing processes?

A start-up looking to sell and promote your products or services online?

Needing help in managing an online sales platform and in dealing with online customers?

Desperate to see your online sales grow at a more rapid pace?

Still hanging onto underperforming salespeople?

If you say “yes” to any […]

Outsourcing Improves The Overall Shopping Experience

As a retailer or reseller, what else can you still do, aside from putting up an online store and providing customers with online or mobile payment options? Outsource, that is. Why outsource?

You’ve done a good job running your online store and giving customers convenient payment options! It makes your customers’ shopping experience easier and more […]

Is Back Office Outsourcing Good For Your Ecommerce Biz

To ensure that they have stable back office processes, a lot of Ecommerce businesses outsource their back office operations. As a result, they have more time to take care of their core business functions, such as sales and Ecommerce marketing. But before you start outsourcing, let’s consider some of the pros and cons of outsourcing […]

Boosting Margins for Online Retailers

A common problem in the industry has been the emergence of websites dedicated to finding the lowest price for specific products which enables consumers to become price shoppers. Because of these sites, it’s becoming harder and harder for these retailers to compete with low margins in mind.

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