• Spacious conference rooms for classroom training and lecture with digital projector and screen.
  • Roomy air-conditioned offices with large digital screen displays to show important operations info.
  • Hallways with cozy ambience and ample lighting enhance working conditions. Glass panels allow natural light to come in.
  • Executive conference room complete with digital projector, screen, and whiteboard to hold management and client meetings.

We Have a Solid Infrastructure

Your company can give great customer service if you have the right people and infrastructure in place. However, acquiring, training, and maintaining skilled people plus the necessary infrastructure to sustain your business operations can be exhausting, time consuming, complicated, and costly on your part.

Taking You Forward can provide your business with round-the-clock, consistent, and continuous service with quick turnaround on all transactions. We have constructed a stable infrastructure using a combination of dependable equipment, comprehensive policies, best practices, and operated by expert technical personnel.

We Have The Equipment

We rely on the latest technologies and use only the best facilities and equipment to handle any kind of workload. Taking You Forward uses state-of-the-art and reliable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment to offer uninterrupted 24/7 communication with your customers. We use up-to-date computer hardware and licensed software. We rely on a 10 Mbps dedicated and 20 Mbps burstable internet connections at any given time to ensure nonstop connectivity with our VoIP and Internet-based applications. All free calls and toll free inbound services are connected to any country’s Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers. This makes inbound traffic very cost-effective for our clients.

We can accommodate up to 600 seats per work shift. Plans are underway to expand operations and add more seats. We currently operate on four (4) production floors with comfortable working spaces so agents can effectively perform their jobs. Our production areas, spread over 2,500 square meters of floor space, have a seating capacity for 600 agents. Our base of operations and administration offices are located in a 3,620 square-meter property, with a 200-meter shared car park. We are ready for any of your workload requirements.

Outsource Your Business Processes With Us And Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

We Are The Right Partner For Your Business Process Outsourcing Needs.

Our Security & Contingency Plans

Call Center Philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc. Data security is the highest priority to any business. There are lots of threats to data – viruses, hackers, power failure, and force of nature. Data used for business transactions must be protected at all cost. Failure to do so could mean financial disaster for your company. This concern is particularly serious for BPO companies that communicate on the Internet with remote clients and customers.

Taking You Forward takes extra measures to protect our most valued data and that of our clients. We have configured our network architecture with multiple layers to ensure secure transmission of data. Each Wide Area Network (WAN) layer is designed for redundancies, which essentially create backup data.

We also use the following technologies and policies to provide secure data delivery:

Networks and Security

  • Firewalls, private circuits, VLAN and VPN tunnels, and Road Warriors are used to segregate Partner information ensuring no data blending.
  • Intrusion detection system is deployed to all centers to alert on known attacks in real time.
  • Wireless networks are forbidden to connect to any trusted network. Zero tolerance policy is enforced for unauthorized wireless usage.

Physical & Data Security

  • We use a PCI DSS Compliant process for completing secure credit card transactions. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) provides a framework for developing a robust payment card data security process.
  • Proprietary and confidential data are protected by encryption algorithms – Advance Encryption Standard (AES) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
  • We use compliant data management systems and Do Not Call (DNC).
  • We use compliant web based dialer integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • For physical security, we rely on our 24/7 Support with badge and full camera surveillance via CCTV, Proximity RF Readers, and biometric security door locks.
TYF Facilities We recognize the potential risks of using server-based facilities and IP networks. If not managed properly, risks can threaten data security. Risks can be overcome by setting up an effective redundancy and disaster recovery plan. Backup data systems are created to quickly recover lost data in case anything does go wrong.

Taking You Forward provides for the highest degree of fault tolerance to maintain vital links among all concerned collaborators – our clients, your customers, and our employees. We provide an offsite backup through a third-party cloud service provider and a local data Storage Area Network (SAN) facility. This allows us to meet more sophisticated and/or incremental backup scheme demands, scheduling, verification, restoration, and other processes from our clients. With our reliable disaster recovery plan in place, your business is in safe hands with us.

Call Center Philippines | Taking You Forward, Inc. Redundancy is an effective solution to ensure continuous and smooth flow of business operations even with the imposing threat of interruptions. A good redundancy plan must address backup for network, hardware, and power.

Taking You Forward uses a triple modular redundancy system for Power, Internet, and VoIP services. Below is our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery setup.

  • We subscribe to three Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies for uninterrupted Internet connection. Three independent circuits with failover automation are prepared for each of the three ISPs should any ISP fail. The same setup is done for the three VoIP providers.
  • All workstations are protected with uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • Two standby diesel generators with Automatic Transfer Switch are ready to use in the event of power failure.
  • Images of our running configurations in client environments are safely stored in the cloud file server.

Inbound Call Center | Taking You Forward, Inc. Our infrastructure is manned by technical experts – the Information Technology (IT) Group. The IT Group takes care of all the ICT facilities and leads the Software Development Team. We can practically build anything from scratch based on your needs and the technologies required.