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Top 5 Insurance Back-Office Processes To Outsource

With insurance companies dealing with increasing pressure to meet quotas, too much time and energy is taken from efforts that should have been directed into making connections and closing deals. Just like any business, there is a list of priorities with core tasks occupying the first few slots. There are other tasks, however, that also […]

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8 Tasks You Can Outsource to an Insurance Outsourcing Vendor

A financial institution is running out of cash, and a company that aims to guarantee people’s financial future is now bankrupt and awaiting bailout. How ironic, and entirely possible for many companies in the financial industry that still cannot decide which processes define their business and which do not.


For insurers who are still trying […]

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5 Challenges Insurance Agents Need To Overcome

Competition is tough in the world of sales, even more so when it is an insurance policy you are selling.  For insurance agents, there is more at stake than just profit. To emerge victorious, you need to be more assertive, be knowledgeable about the best strategies and avoid common pitfalls.  What are the usual challenges […]

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6 Common Challenges of Outsourcing Insurance Customer Service

The banking and financial services industry is one of the industries that generate the most revenue.  With majority of the population using these kinds of services, well-known banks have delved into outsourcing with insurance companies following suit. Because of the large amount of money involved, just like banking, insurance outsourcing has become a great investment. […]

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Conditions for Outsourcing Financial Services to BPO Companies

Of all the businesses that outsource activities to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, financial institutions (banks, insurance firms, holding companies, and the like) face the most challenges and risks. Blame that on the nature of their activities, varying economic performances and tight government regulations. Though their activities center on money, financial companies are not free […]

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Pros and Cons of Delegating Payroll Processing to Insurance BPO

An insurance company generates income through its network of insurance sales agents and brokers. The accounting department must accurately compute compensation due to all earning personnel, whether it’s regular salary or commission-based earning.

An in-house payroll staff is normally assigned to do such tasks. However, the phenomenal success of outsourcing in all industries has convinced many […]

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Outsourcing Improves Insurance Customer Service

Whether you’re an insurer or an ordinary insurance policy holder, you crave for prompt and friendly insurance customer service all the time. Policy holders depend on customer service for a variety of needs, such as inquiries, payments, and claims. Insurance outsourcing has proven time and again to provide insurers with cost-saving and effective customer service […]

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Pros and Cons of Insurance Outsourcing

Just like all other businesses, insurance companies also face the brunt of economy downturn, and their situation is just made worse due to the decreasing public confidence in the financial institutions. To ensure their survival, they take action. Aside from upgrading their portfolios and intensifying their financial literacy programs, they look into insurance outsourcing.

Insurance companies […]

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Insurance Data Surveys

Are you a new business that is in great need of new data to explore new markets, assess market potentials of your ideas, or understand consumer behavior, perception, and interest? You have the choice to put up an in-house department to collect and verify the data you need or outsource your data surveys to business […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing for Insurance Carriers

The insurance industry provides a sense of security for us as insurance carriers protect our most valuable assets. Due to a growing awareness of the benefits of insurance, many people and businesses insure anything they consider valuable. Thus, the insurance industry is and always has been flourishing. But no matter how many customers they have […]

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