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Offering Multiple Avenues For Your Direct Response Support

Studies have shown that conventional forms of media like TV and radio are still popular despite the increasing hold of the internet. Marketing through direct response television remains effective and profitable. But for DRTV to be truly successful, support and customer service are essential. Your infomercials may generate interest but customers will quickly lose that interest without […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your DRTV Customer Service

The Internet is a virtual marketplace where you can buy and sell almost anything with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. One other medium, the DRTV or Direct Response Television, is also offering a unique line of consumer products. In order for your DRTV business to compete with online retail and brick-and-mortar stores, you […]

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Outsourcing Direct Response Customer Service for DRTV Startups

Are you thinking of starting your own DRTV (Direct Response Television) shopping business? It’s a highly competitive market, but with the right strategy, you can be successful. Like any business in any industry, excellent customer service must be at the heart of your operations. Consider the following questions when you’re figuring out how to provide […]

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Integrate your Direct Response Support with a BPO Service Provider

If you own a growing business, then you probably know how hard it is to juggle between tasks. But it’s harder to compete against the big guys who already are established brands, with offerings long loved by the public, even by your own target market. So what is your best chance of competing against them? […]

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Two Major DRTV Inbound Services You Must Outsource

There’s a fierce competition going on in the DRTV (Direct Response Television) business. Unfortunately, with very expensive production costs and airtime rates, many DRTV companies struggle to keep their operations afloat.

Outsourcing has been the saving grace of many DRTV companies affected with high overhead costs. Many businesses find outsourcing as a necessity in order to […]

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How DRTV Clients Should Work with BPO Companies

Business process outsourcing or BPO companies can free brand owners and DRTV outfits of their time-consuming non-essential business tasks, including direct response customer service and inbound sales. At a fraction of the cost, BPOs can offer high-quality work output done by top-notch professionals. Does this mean you can now rest and just leave everything to […]

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