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6 Top Tips For Utilizing Social Media In Customer Care

Many businesses have now acknowledged that in this day and age, a social media profile is a must for building a good relationship with your customers.  Most customers are online on various social media accounts most days and they utilize these for their customer service requests.  Businesses need to invest time and effort then in […]

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Conquering The Challenges of Email Customer Service

Emails are an essential part of the customer service multi-channel strategy since almost everyone is using it whether for work or for personal purposes.  Businesses can include email in their customer support offering even when cutting costs thanks to outsourcing.  Since outsourcing reduces labor costs, you can be assured […]

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Customer Care Challenge: Delivering Bad News to Customers

Even if your purpose for outsourcing is because of the lower outsourcing labor rates, the quality of your customer service should not be affected.  This includes knowing how to impart unfavorable news to your customers which does happen from time to time in any business.  Make sure that both you and your outsourcing partner know […]

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6 Best Practices for Excellent Self-Service Customer Support

Many customers are now looking for self-service customer care options rather than calling or sending an email right away.  Though it may seem to the contrary, providing a self-service customer support portal should not be perceived as a threat to your other customer service channels.  Rather, this is one way of increasing customer satisfaction while […]

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Guard Your Business Against These 4 Kinds Of Fraud

It’s an excellent idea to choose to venture into outsourcing because of minimum wage.  However, an important thing to remember is to carefully choose the company you will be handing your information over to.  Digital crime is now prevalent and you want to be sure to keep your data secure.  Here are the main types […]

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4 Factors To Consider When Calculating Number of Call Center Agents Needed

Once you’ve got your contact center department up and running, it’s important to have enough manpower to take care of each customer interaction.  This makes certain that your day to day operations will consistently be running smoothly.  This is achieved through efficient workforce management including the ability to forecast the number of agents needed to […]

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4 Points To Ponder When Winning Back Customers

When customers leave your company, are they gone forever or is there hope for their return?  Do you make an effort to win them back or do you pay attention only to new customers?  Successful companies have shown us that we should not restrict our initiatives only for new prospects.  Old customers who have moved […]

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Handling Complaints Via Social Media Customer Service

Customers are becoming more and more outspoken and thanks to social media, they now have a venue for expressing themselves.  Businesses can either respond poorly which will damage their online reputation, or use this to their advantage and connect customers to their customer support team.


Here’s what companies need to remember when faced with a complaint […]

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5 Secrets To Using Empathy in Customer Service

Companies that value customer service fully understand that empathy plays a vital role in every customer and representative interaction.  It makes customers feel understood and appreciated and makes any challenging situation a little easier to overcome.  However, this is also one of the most difficult skills to teach.  Empathy cannot be learned merely by memorizing […]

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Top 6 Complaints In Customer Service

Customers contact customer service for different reasons: it can be to inquire about the product or service, report a problem, or  to resolve an issue.  Whatever their reason for calling, we need to ensure that our service meets or surpasses their expectations.  If they end up complaining about the customer service instead, this could seriously […]

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