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Increase Sales With These Influential Emotional Triggers

As human beings, we usually make our decisions based on emotions and this affects even our buying habits.  Time and again, studies have shown that the best marketing strategies have been persuasive because of their ability to touch human emotions.  Similarly in sales, you can use this principle to connect with consumers, encourage them to […]

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With Outsourcing, Everyone Wins

Is it possible to look at the glass half-full when it comes to outsourcing?  With the stigma associated with offshoring, can there be a silver lining for everyone affected?  From large companies to small to medium enterprises, outsourcing, when managed properly, can benefit all.  


Let us show you how outsourcing customer service solutions or SME […]

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5 Keys To a Strong Partnership With Your BPO Company

When you outsource your company’s services to a BPO service provider, you engage in a partnership with that BPO company.  This partnership is as equally important as your other business relationships.  To ensure this investment pays off for both parties and that customers continue to receive excellent service, you will need to nurture and build […]

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6 Ways Business Owners Can Deal With Menial Tasks

Even those who are excellent at time management still find themselves regularly facing minor tasks that drain your time but cannot be put off.  As a small business manager or owner, what can you do to ensure tasks like updating records, checking email and posting for your business’s social media account, will still get done […]

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