telemarketing philippinesMany businesses are choosing to outsource some of their processes including marketing because outsourcing reduces labor costs.  However, since the rise of online shopping, the continued popularity of social media and the success of digital marketing, people have started to question whether traditional marketing methods especially telemarketing are still applicable.  However, research has shown that telemarketing is still useful and effective.  Telemarketing continues to prove its worth in the area of sales and here are the top reasons why:  


It helps you know more about your market


Being able to communicate with your customers keeps you updated on the existing state of the market as well as future trends.  With a telemarketing campaign that utilizes the right questions and builds on your relationship with your customers, you can gather more accurate information from your customers to plan your next strategies.    


It’s an effective method for creating a reliable database


Although there are different ways of collecting information about your customers, the conversation in a telemarketing call is one of the best ways to get accurate and complete details about your customers.  With this knowledge, you can create and keep up-to-date a reliable database.  In addition to that, the data about your customers when entered into the database will be easier to organize so it’s easy to retrieve and use anytime.   


It provides a way of communicating with your customers


Telemarketing is one of the few marketing methods that lets you converse with your customers.  You have the chance not only to take note of their information but also to gauge their emotions based on their reactions.  You get to reply to them as well and empathize; this helps cultivate trust and enhance your relationship with your customers.  


Certain products and services are more successfully sold when using a personal approach  


Some types of products are not easily sold to customers.  Finance-related products and services, for example, such as insurance are sensitive topics and you can expect that customers will be more discerning when it comes to these.  In this case, customers need more details which telemarketers can provide and they will have concerns which telemarketers can also respond to.   


Though telemarketing may seem outmoded to some, the reasons we’ve cited are enough to show why it continues to be a successful method until now.  If you’re looking to build a strong telemarketing team, choose a BPO service provider with knowledge and skills.  Taking You Forward specializes in customer service, technical support, sales and back-office admin tasks among others.  Contact us today.