By Outsourcing to a Call Center

Regardless of which continent you’re living in, travelling by train can be a pleasant experience, be it a short or long trip. Train travel offers you something not found by travelling in other means of transportation:  A unique view of the majestic sceneries as your train passes by plains, hills, mountains, and valleys.

Even if train travel is safer and more comfortable, or tickets are cheaper, your trip of a lifetime can instantly turn sour due to a single instance of bad customer service. This is the challenge for every hospitality company:  How to provide train passengers with great customer service all the time.

If you operate across the continent or through multiple cities, then you have your work cut out for you. You have to keep all your trains in perfect running condition, market your services, and manage your employees and online travel agents. Will you have time and resources to take care of your customer service?

One bad customer service incident can easily sway your customers to other competing train services or other modes of transportation. Your customer service can either make or break your passenger train business.

An in-house customer service team can be time-consuming and resource-depleting.  On the other hand, outsourcing your customer service to a call center is a huge cost-saving strategy. You don’t have to worry about acquiring all the required expensive resources. Check out some of the ways that an expert outsourcing provider can boost your customer service.

  • Online presence. A trustworthy call center in the Philippines can make an awesome website so your customers can make inquiries, reservations, bookings, and ticket purchases. Customers can conveniently choose their departure date/station and arrival date/station. With an informative FAQ page, virtual assistant or online chat, and email support, your customers will never feel helpless.
  • Portable applications for mobile devices.  Mobile devices paved the way for paperless transactions. An outsourcing provider can develop software applications for any mobile device. It’s now possible for your customers to board trains by presenting their tickets displayed on their phones. Your customers can also reserve, book, buy train tickets, change ticket reservations, get directions, check for station information, and verify train statuses 24/7 anywhere using their phones.
  • Over-the-phone customer support. There’s nothing like the trusty phone customer support when you hear the pleasant sound of a human voice. Telephone customer service gives your customers instant replies to their not-too-simple questions. With outsourcing, you’re assured that customers are never left hanging, but are served beyond satisfaction.
  • Social media customer support. People today are so “in” with every kind of social media sites. An expert call center in the Philippines can build friendly and reactive customer service for all the popular social media sites.

Great customer service demands time and resources. Avoid the stress and hassles of an in-house customer service. Let the outsourcing experts take care of the hardware, infrastructure, software, technology, manpower, and other travel industry services to put up the best customer service. Confused? Don’t be. Call us now at Taking You Forward and we’ll help you every step of the way.