Successful hotels know that the quality of customer service in hotels should be beyond reproach. They pride themselves on the myriad of services they do exceptionally well (e.g. hotel booking) to keep the hotel running smoothly. An establishment that offers rest, tranquility and recreation is actually quite busy behind the scenes. You’d be surprised at all the activity going on in the background just to offer guests the utmost luxury and comfort.

From the beginning to the end of their stay, friendly and efficient service is always expected so that guests can come away with a memorable experience. This starts with the hotel’s first contact with their potential customer, and this interaction is actually handled by a reservations or sales agent. Although a lot of hotels are switching to online hotel booking, most still offer the option to speak with a reservations agent as some guests prefer assistance from real people.

Now, what if you could get a specialist to manage these transactions? It sounds like a wonderful idea, but is this something you would consider outsourcing, such as to a call center in the Philippines, which has consistently been listed as one of the best BPO countries in the world?

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why contracting an inbound call center for your reservations can reap rewards for your hotel:

  1. Minimizes cost – The most obvious reason for outsourcing any process is that it helps companies save on cost and time. Hotels will be spending less time and money training and monitoring their reservations agents as the service provider will be doing this for them.
  1. Around-the-clock reservations service – Guests can call anytime from anywhere in the world. With dedicated reservations agents available to talk to your customers, the chances of customers being routed to voicemail will now be next to none.
  1. Support team with specialized knowledge – Delegating reservations inquiries and bookings to front desk staff can distract them from their duties.Your staff can now focus on improving your hotel’s customer service while your well-trained reservations team is fully equipped to answer inquiries, check bookings and process payments.
  1. High quality booking system and process – Service providers already have infrastructure, equipment and processes in place. The technology and programs they use are usually the latest in the market and they have the resources to maintain and upgrade their system.
  1. Potential to upsell or cross-sell – Your reservations agents can generate more profit for you as they have the opportunity and skills to offer and sell more services to customers.

Looking at the significant benefits of outsourcing, it’s no wonder some of the top hotels are using offshore centers for hospitality customer service or back office operations. And though there may be initial concerns, the advantages far outweigh the risks in the long term, especially if you choose the right provider.

So if you’ve started looking for the best inbound call center to help you achieve your business goals, contact Taking You Forward, Inc., a fast-growing call center company in the Philippines. Learn how our talented team of experts can help your hotel rise high in the industry.