For several years now, airline companies have been outsourcing some of their non-core operations such as IT support, finance processes, and more notably, airline customer service.

Though some critics have argued against outsourcing operations because of the risk of reduced quality of service and potential customer dissatisfaction, more and more companies are choosing to work with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies.  Are they wrong to make the shift from in-house to a third party provider?  In the airline industry, can outsourcing really significantly improve customer service?

Let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing airline customer service so you can judge for yourself:

  • Travelers have access to 24/7 service with less downtime, wherever they are

With the ability to offer 24/7 customer service, travelers can book flights, change flight details, and inquire about add-on services any time they want to.  With this kind of service available for your customers, your market expands to include any travelers from all over the world, even from different time zones.

  • Lower cost overall for operations

Standard operating costs for an airline increase every year so it’s no wonder airline companies are looking for more cost-cutting measures.  The main reason companies outsource is usually because of the proven lower cost of labor and resources.

  • Save on time and effort spent recruiting and training staff

Outsourcing helps you concentrate on your core business processes, letting your service provider manage recruitment and training which will take both time and energy.  This is valuable time and energy you can use to improve and upgrade your other processes.

  • Customer service agents are experts on delivering superior customer service

Call centers have made it their business to train and develop their agents.  These agents become well informed and experienced in answering inquiries, handling complaints, and even cross-selling, all done with a pleasant attitude.  The best call centers can assure you that you can expect better quality of customer service from them.

  • BPO companies specializing in customer service have perfected their process

Because people, infrastructure, and processes drive the business of BPO companies, they constantly evaluate and improve their performance.  As a result, they have refined their processes and gleaned best practices from their experience.  As their partner, you can share in these best practices and use these to improve your organization.

  • BPO companies have the software and technology to produce better results

BPO companies have already established and set up their tools and resources to cover all the needs of your operation.  Additionally, they always upgrade their software and technology to the latest in the market in order to make sure they work efficiently.  

Looking at all these benefits, we can see that outsourcing airline customer service is definitely worth the investment.  It helps improve efficiency and does not just minimize cost but actually increases profitability.

Some airline companies may still be wary of outsourcing potentially negatively affecting the quality of their service, but the truth is, it could go either way.  The secret to success is choosing the right BPO Service Partner. To help your airline upgrade your customer service, contact Taking You Forward, a premier call center in the Philippines.