Outsourcing is not a new thing to the hospitality industry. For many hotels, it’s an answer to get the financing they desperately need to fund their improvement projects in the hopes of attracting more guests. By handing over a number of business functions to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, hotel proprietors or managers can now concentrate on improving their different services, such as online hotel booking.

Much has been said about the benefits that outsourcing brings to many businesses. How can outsourcing translate into better customer service in hotels?

  • Big cost savings equals better facilities and more choices

For many hotels, outsourcing helps them improve their services and upgrade their facilities, which are two ways to make more guests fall in love with their accommodations.

The savings generated from outsourcing allows hotels to add more amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, refrigerators, ACs, recreational parks, and fitness centers. They are also able to make their establishments disability-friendly, expand their fleet of tourist vehicles, free up space to accommodate more concessionaires, and even offer their own package tours and loyalty programs.

  • Improved customer service in hospitality industry

By outsourcing their back office processes to BPO companies, hotels can now give their guests, who are the lifeblood of their business, all the attention they need and even make certain adjustments for them.

Many hotels around the world have taken advantage of call centers that operate around the clock and whose customer service representatives speak different languages aside from English. This is a great help for guests who don’t speak English, but would like to book a room or inquire about rates. Some hotels even utilize their savings from outsourcing to employ multilingual in-house staff to attend to foreign guests. Moreover, hotels can utilize the saved resources to attend to guests who have disabilities or have special dietary requirements.

  • Seamless and worry-free online hotel booking or reservation

Hotel proprietors no longer have to worry about the stress and pressures that holidays can bring. By capitalizing on their BPO provider’s travel technologies and web services, hotels empower their guests to book rooms online. With hotel bookings now done through websites or travel apps, the hospitality industry has enhanced its customer engagement by enabling guests to chat with a reservation agent on the website.

  • Hotel management-guest interaction

In some ways, outsourcing removes the roadblocks to direct communication between hotel proprietors and guests, especially those who may need to cancel their reservations. Events like this, affected guests may need to speak directly with the hotel front desk or manager. The outsourced online travel agent can not only help bridge contact between guests and management but also assist the customer right then and there.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by outsourcing, hotels enable their guests feel more at home. Outsourcing helps hotel businesses understand the value of time and resources in improving hospitality customer service. To learn more about outsourcing for the hotel business, please call Taking You Forward today.