All travelers want a comfortable, smooth and hassle-free experience (e.g. travel booking) whether they are on a business trip or going on vacation.  The easiest way for them to achieve this is by hiring the services of travel agencies.

Travel agencies then transact with customers smoothly and calmly while a lot of coordination is taking place at the back-end.  To ensure customers are satisfied, travel providers organize several services together:  flight details, land transportation, hotel accommodations, and even recreational activities.

As a travel agency, you’re aware of the benefits of outsourcing your travel booking system to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company so you can improve the quality of your other services.  However, you’re anxious about maintaining your status as a premier provider in the travel industry. Can you outsource and continue to satisfy your customers?

The answer is a resounding yes!  In fact, you can even exceed their expectations and draw more travelers in through good feedback from your existing customers.  Here’s why:

Main advantages of outsourcing for you:

  • Cost reduction

Setting up and maintaining an in-house booking system will cost you money, time and energy.  In the long run, outsourcing to a third party helps you save on the cost of recruiting, training and sustaining facilities.

  • Streamlined process

BPO companies already have processes and procedures in place, which they constantly evaluate and improve.  All you will need to do is check on their progress.

  • More profit from trained sales agents

Since their service revolves around the skills offered by their agents, BPO companies look for the best talents and those that can bring in more revenue for clients like you.

How outsourcing benefits your travelers:

  • Assistance is available 24/7

Travelers want service they can rely on especially in the case of emergencies and sudden changes to their schedules.  They’ll be impressed with your ability to be flexible in adapting to their needs.

  • Efficient service

Busy travelers are especially time-conscious and a travel agency that values their time is praiseworthy indeed.   You show your customers you value their time by having a team dedicated to answering customers’ inquiries and delivering a quick response.

  • Well-trained specialists

Your customers’ inquiries, demands and complaints, will be competently managed by professionals who know exactly what to do in different situations.  You can be assured that your customers will receive assistance and support from experts who can also empathize and are willing to help.

  • Multi-channel support:  phone, web chat and email

The method of support travelers need depends on their situation. Providing your customers with options shows your commitment in guaranteeing that they can contact you in more ways than one whichever is most convenient for them.

The outcome when you outsource is not just delivering high quality service at a more cost-effective price but also significantly increasing customer satisfaction.  Maximize the potential of your travel booking system by outsourcing to the right service provider.  Taking You Forward, Inc. is an up-and-coming call center in the Philippines that has successfully partnered with other growing companies.  Call us today and find out how we can help you attract more travelers and turn them into customers.