Can a car rental firm enjoy the many benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO)? Of course! BPO companies can surely give a lot of benefits to different businesses.

In some ways, outsourcing is the fuel for the car rental business. As service stations provide gas and service to motorists, BPO companies provide streamlined business processes to car rental agencies.

Declining Economy, Declining Service Quality

Like every other business, car rental companies are in for a bumpy ride. Skyrocketing fuel prices, government-regulated passenger bill of rights, inflation, and an ailing automobile industry has plagued the travel sector for years. All these result to an increase in overhead costs and a decline in profit, which will do no good for an industry where customer loyalty and passenger comfort and safety go hand in hand. This will compromise customer service and service quality.

Outsourcing Helps Relieve the Pressure

But all is not lost for these businesses on wheels. As their drivers tune up their engines and driving skills, agencies will also need to fine tune their customer interaction models. They can start by delegating to BPO companies the processes that have nothing to do with driving or actual interaction with renters. By letting go of these processes, they can become a more essential business to their clientele base.

Outsourcing can help car rental agencies in the following departments:

  • Reservations – Either by contracting a call center company to receive calls from renters, or hiring a web service provider to create a website or app, a car rental firm can assure renters of a hassle-free reservation, and worry-free travel in the process.
  • Sales and lead generation – Agencies can now concentrate on rolling out their vehicles to pick up and transport renters. They don’t have to wander along the streets to find potential customers or wait in vain at airports and shopping malls. A BPO service provider can help you identify prospects who may require your car rental services.
  • Customer service – Can’t set up your own customer service team? Not ready to train new people for customer support? Need multilingual agents for operations in other countries? Your BPO partner can help you in these aspects.
  • Visibility – In need of online visibility to drum up more business? Clueless on how to market your brand? An outsourced team of web developers and designers, marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists can help develop, launch and run your perfect web campaign.
  • Front and back office functions – BPO companies are in the business of managing their clients’ non-essential but still necessary business processes, from accounting to human resources. In this way, your car rental firm can cut costs and increase its profitability without compromising its service quality and customer interaction.

It’s time that car rental agencies learn the value of customer interaction in business. To remain flexible, competitive and more customer-oriented under the current economic downturn, they should place more emphasis in creating a stronger emotional bond with clients rather than establishing processes that have nothing to do with improving customer experience. This is possible only when agencies focus on their customers, not on processes. Let BPO companies take care of the processes instead.

Outsourcing is the new way to keep the business (and the cars) running. If you are a travel service provider in need of exceptional customer service solutions, contact the fast-rising call center company in the Philippines today.