For most companies and even corporate travel agencies, travel management is not a core competency for these reasons:

  • It’s time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork.
  • It requires industry knowledge and skills to handle travel, and the lack thereof will cost money and worse, lives.
  • It doesn’t directly concern travelers.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t bring money to the business.

The burden of paperwork and insufficient expertise are reasons why many businesses don’t consider travel a priority activity. But they can’t just disregard travel, an activity that can help them bolster their company profile and expand markets. They can, however, let go of the non-core processes associated with it – by outsourcing to companies that offer managed travel solutions.

Following Other Businesses’ Lead

Just like other businesses, the travel industry faces tough times. To remain in business, transport providers, travel agencies, and tour organizers must make tough choices… and they know how and where to start. They can take their cue from companies that have outsourced to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. In their case, they should outsource to providers of travel management solutions.

Travel Solutions for Travel Businesses: The Benefits

Travel management covers a myriad of manual, non-core processes from booking to loyalty programs, from sales to customer service – tasks that you can outsource to a managed travel solutions provider. As a business, you would choose to practice your core competency well than to handle a lot of non-core functions poorly, so think of it as your primary reason to outsource.

Don’t think that outsourcing benefits only travelers and not travel businesses. Consider these benefits for your organization:

  • Cost reduction  – Turn non-core travel processes into profit-enhancing opportunities by utilizing your managed travel solutions provider’s tools and systems even without owning them.
  • Account management  – Passengers with special needs require special attention and the best service possible. Let your partner handle this. Rest assured your customers will be provided the best service by the account managers assigned to them. That’s a load off your back.
  • Travel policy compliance  – Your managed travel solutions provider can help you develop, implement, and monitor your policy to achieve better results and increase bookings while upholding industry standards and protecting your business requirements.
  • 24/7 support  – Weather conditions, traffic, transport strikes, and socio-political conditions may hamper travel operations, and there are passengers to worry about. Ease half of your burden by tapping into your partner’s call center company in handling customers’ queries, rebooking, and cancellation.
  • Shared risk management  – When certain crises or emergencies arise, you are not alone in ensuring the safety and well-being of your passengers. Your partner can serve as emergency support and main contact for passengers as you seek solutions to problems.

As a stakeholder in the travel industry, you should realize you are in a business that thrives on customers’ experience, which is an important basis for repeat business. So to cash into that opportunity or possibility, you will need to tap into someone’s mastery and professionalism.