The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies not only to people, but also to companies, especially start-ups. And new entrepreneurs should know better from their past employments: That it’s never easy running a company when you try to do all things by yourself. For SMEs, this is a big no-no. Have you ever considered partnering with BPO companies?

Start-ups can relieve the burden they feel during their early stages by entrusting some or most of their operations to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. This move would not only help them cut overhead costs, but also maximize available time and existing resources for core activities, such as planning, research and development. Customer service, product recall, billing queries, and other processes that don’t directly advance your business are better left, let’s say, to a call center company.

Still want to keep your own in-house teams? Well, you don’t have to make the rush to outsourcing if you still can handle things yourself. When would be the best time anyway to outsource to BPO companies?

You outsource only when:

  • A process begins to take much of your time – If you spend less time on strategy and production, but more on personnel issues, then it’s a sign. Less time on the core business can lead to fewer orders for your business.
  • You require more technology or hardware – Struggling to acquire solutions for your customer service team? Why not outsource to a call center company in the Philippines? They have all the customer service solutions that you need – and which you don’t have.
  • A process incurs high capital cost – You may not have enough capital to build your own IT department and purchase the necessary hardware. You may be forced to find an investor or apply for an SME loan. Avoid the hassle by partnering with a BPO partner who can take care of your IT processes, from website design to online retail.
  • You suffer from poor results or poor quality of work – HR upsetting off the staff? Losing money from poor bookkeeping? Don’t get the required output you expect? And your business is floundering? Perhaps it’s time to show people the door, and then get quotes from outsourcing providers.
  • The process or service is not part of the core business – If it’s an activity that doesn’t directly help generate profits or spur competitive success, then it would be safe for you to hand it over to a third party.
  • There’s a high staff turnover – If it’s a poorly designed process and it’s causing them to quit, why keep it? You can dissolve the department and just hand the operation over to an outsourcing partner. They have better and more experienced people for it. Why keep an activity that your staff doesn’t enjoy doing – and why keep people who don’t enjoy it too?

If you’re having a hard time doing everything or if your in-house team isn’t effective and efficient enough, then it’s time to outsource. But how can you get started with outsourcing? Call Taking You Forward today and we’ll talk.