Post-Fight Business Insights from the Fight of the Century

The fight of the century, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, came and went, but did the fight live up to its highly-publicized hype? Did it meet everyone’s expectations? Did Mayweather win fairly? Did the fight earn as projected by the promoters? After everything’s said and done, boxing is still business.

The fight of the century by the (money) numbers

  • It involved two multimillion rival boxing promoters, Top Rank and Mayweather Promotions.
  • Two giant cable and satellite television networks, HBO and Showtime, broadcast the fight.
  • It was the most expensive pay-per-view at almost $100.
  • Fight venue tickets are the most expensive in boxing history, with an average price of $11,000.
  • Live gate revenue was expected to hit beyond $72 million.
  • Total revenues can potentially go beyond USD $400 million.
  • Out of the total prize money, Mayweather will receive 60% and Pacquiao 40%.
  • Even with the $10 fee, the weigh-in drew around 11,500 spectators.
  • Pay-per-view buys could hit 3 million. Cable providers had technical glitches as PPV demands skyrocketed, causing delays to the fight. Inbound call centers were flooded with complaints.
  • Top Rank gained at least $13.2 million in sponsorships. Pacquiao’s shorts alone generated $2.3 million via sponsors.
  • Hundreds of businesses – such as hotels, restaurants, and casinos – benefited from a surge of visitors in Las Vegas during fight night.

Business insights from the fight of the century…

  • Always have a plan B. Don’t rely on only one strategy. Prepare multiple strategies to ensure success.
  • Be aggressive. Thorough planning gives you the confidence to act decisively.
  • Be relentless. Be patient amidst difficulties and keep moving forward after each failure.
  • Listen to your coach. Seek advice from experts who look at your situation from a wider perspective.
  • Lose gracefully. Set up contingency plans to ensure uninterruptible business service even if you fail in some transactions.
  • Adjust on the fly. As an entrepreneur, you have to act quickly when trouble comes. Learn to be flexible and take the necessary actions as demanded by the situation.
  • Outsource smartly. The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight involved a lot of outsourcing. For instance, Top Rank and Mayweather Promotions don’t have their own cable network or a huge fight venue. So, they co-promoted the fight and held it in MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also contracted HBO and Showtime to produce and broadcast the fight to the world. Call centers were hired to handle customer service solutions for ticket and pay-per-view purchases. Lesson learned? Outsourcing saves precious time, money, and limited resources.

The event should serve as a business lesson on how to do negotiations and maximize deals. One thing’s for certain though – partnerships are very important in business. It equips your business with what you don’t have. Outsourcing, a great partnership strategy, allows you to extend and complement your limited business services.

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