Complaints and negative feedback are a business owner’s nightmare.  Complaints from unhappy customers have the potential to discredit us and bring down what we have worked so hard to build.  However, there is a silver lining to this ominous cloud. Dissatisfied customers, when managed well, can transform into loyal patrons who will definitely recommend your service.  How can you achieve this?  The best way is to outsource your customer service solutions to a call center company.  


Here are the 5 best reasons why trusting an offshore BPO provider with your customer service can turn complaints into compliments:


  • An inbound call center is available 24/7.


Knowing that they can call someone and express their concerns whatever time of the day will make customers feel valued.  They will feel that you genuinely appreciate their business when you care about their experience.


  • Your outsourced customer service representatives can provide a quick and timely response.


Nothing will further aggravate an unhappy customer than a slow response.  Getting back to them quickly and responding on time will let customers see that we respect their time.  


  • These representatives have been expertly trained to handle complaints.


Your call center customer service team has been trained and coached on the proper procedures and methods for handling complaints.  They have the skills and mindset needed to interact positively with challenging customers.


  • Your call center representatives can execute the solutions more efficiently.


With your team dedicated to customer service and support, they will be equipped with knowledge and resources.  They also have the time to focus on resolving your customers’ concerns.


  • The representatives can pass on feedback to the right departments.


Concerns and suggestions are analyzed and then delegated to the departments in charge, which helps you improve your products and services.


As you can see, with the right company taking care of your customer service, you do not need to fear complaints from customers.  Welcome them as opportunities to prove your worth to customers and to refine and upgrade your products.  

If you would like to know more about how an expert BPO provider can successfully resolve customer’s concerns, contact Taking You Forward, a fast-rising and innovative call center in the Philippines.