What’s keeping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from growing? Lack of capital? But that can be solved. Why not find an angel investor or apply for an SME loan? Unfair competition? You can complain to the press or to the government, and lobby laws for fair competition in business. Or is it the wrong perception that start-ups have about outsourcing?

But how does outsourcing come into the equation? The big players have levelled out their game by handing over some of their business operations to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. By doing so, they have more time to focus on the core business essentials, eventually leading to them releasing new and improved products and services. SMEs and start-ups, on the other hand, try to compete against the giants by applying old principles, which the giants had long outgrown.

Why can’t SMEs and start-ups play the game the way the big players are playing right now? If they can outsource their operations to BPO service companies, why can’t the small players follow suit? If the big guys can outsource their customer service to call center in the Philippines, SMEs can and should do the same thing too.

But sadly, the SMEs aren’t thinking like the big guys, and still believe in the misleading notions about outsourcing. Here are some of the myths about outsourcing – and the reasons why they’re just myths.

  • Outsourcing is just for the big guys – Not true. Most BPO service companies in the Philippines consider SMEs as their primary clients.
  • Outsourcing is difficult for SMEs – BPOs actually make it easy for SMEs by offering them customer service solutions that best fit their needs and budget. It’s made easier through collaboration, cooperation, and communication between you and your desired BPO partner.
  • Outsourcing is cheap labor – For Westerners, it seems so, but not to the professionals working for a BPO in the Philippines. Filipino BPO workers can survive on a rate Westerners consider as chump change. Those close-minded about outsourcing should look into the cost of living, not the wage, of the local job market.
  • Outsourcing leads to job losses – Perhaps this is biggest myth and the worst lie circulated about outsourcing. Look at it from another angle: By outsourcing to developing countries, you contribute to the growth of their economy and transform the locals’ social and economic way of life. In return, we receive more tourists that visit our famous landmarks and study in our world-class colleges and universities. More importantly, we create more markets for our high quality goods and services. We outsource jobs to other countries, but we create more back home.
  • It involves working with foreigners who don’t understand your businessBPO companies hire people at your desired educational level and professional experience, so rest assured your business is in good hands. You can expect a real and experienced sales agent to handle your sales campaign. Just tell your BPO partner the kind of people you’d want for your program, and they will find them for you.

It’s time SMEs put all these myths to rest and start thinking big like the big guys. It’s also time they try out outsourcing to see things themselves and experience the benefits. To learn more about outsourcing, visit  Taking You Forward.