Outsourcing to a Call Center in the Philippines

Basketball is a very dynamic game. Fast-paced plays can easily put spectators on the edge of their seats. Nail-biting buzzer-beater shots keep our hearts pounding. But behind all the drama and excitement, there’s more to basketball than just a mere passing, dribbling, and shooting of the ball.

Basketball is a team sport. Michael Jordan didn’t win championships by playing solo. He was part of a cohesive team. A basketball team includes all the players and supporting coaching staff. Team members synchronize their efforts with one sole purpose in mind: To win the championship.

Basketball is very popular in many countries, especially the Philippines. Among other things, the Philippines is world-famous for the following:

  • Manny Pacquiao, the first and only eight-division boxing world champion, who is also a professional basketball player.
  • Being the first professional basketball league in Asia and the second oldest continually surviving league in the world after the NBA. In short, the Philippines is a basketball-crazy country.
  • More importantly, being the world’s largest call center hub! Need we mention that it is also the world’s best country in business English?

Managing a business to succeed is like coaching a basketball team to win. When you outsource your non-core business functions to a trusted provider of BPO Services in the Philippines, you associate with an industry-expert team that can “coach” or guide your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Just as a basketball coach drills repeatedly in each player the finer points of an array of offensive and defensive plays, BPO Companies can set up strategies that allow businesses to achieve their goals despite limited resources. Your chosen provider of BPO Services can play all offensive and defensive positions.

  • Point Guard – Considered as the best ball handler and passer of the team, the point guard contributes to assists and steals that convert to field goals. BPO Companies in the Philippines can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. They can effectively pass or coordinate tasks to team members, as well as guard your business against any problems or threats.
  • Shooting Guard – This player has good ball handling and shooting skills. He’s able to swiftly drive the ball to the net. Your call center partner can also be on constant guard for any opportunities and then “drive” or move swiftly to convert those opportunities into revenues.
  • Small Forward – Regarded as the most versatile player, the small forward can play multiple roles on the court. An expert call center, as your business partner, can take on multiple roles, such as customer service, technical support, recruitment, and lead generation.
  • Power Forward – This player does the heavy lifting by helping with the rebounding and shooting. Your call center partner can aggressively seek and seize opportunities for growing your business.
  • Center – As the natural “big man”, the center is the designated rebounder and blocker. By partnering with an established call center, your business can become “big” by blocking potential threats and rebounding quickly from any issue.

Basketball’s offensive and defensive strategies can be used in managing your business. To get a play-by-play analysis of how outsourcing can make your business a winner, contact us at Taking You Forward.