Your business is a complex system made up of departments, teams and roles working together to achieve all your professional goals. As the owner, it is your job to make sure your employees are performing well and hitting all sales and performance targets. Since not everyone is directly under your wing, you have trusted people in place to report to you about each department’s work. Now, this is how you are able to manage your in-house team. How about those who work for you from a different timezone? How well can you manage your outsourced team?


There are obstacles in managing your outsourced team – (1) their location, (2) difference in timezones, (3) culture differences, (4) varying work ethics and (5) language barrier. But with the direction outsourcing is going, we can say that managing outsourcing is not one tough nut to crack.


Your involvement in the outsourcing process should not end right after the initial phase. Yes, we let BPO providers do their jobs, but it does not mean we fully let go of the outsourced tasks. Passively managing outsourced teams is a big NO but sidestepping your service provider’s management should be avoided as well.



Be Involved


For starters, join the recruitment process for you to have an idea on how your service provider selects your staff. When you have this knowledge, you will be able to confirm their selection process or, if you are not satisfied, you may ask them to change or include certain standards. Cementing first this aspect of their service assures you that there will be minimal problems when it comes to the selection of your staff.


Ensure Strong Organizational Structure


Make sure you have the best people leading your outsourced team by involving yourself in the selection. Converse with them regularly over the phone or video calls. Actively manage the relationship in order to address regular changes in your company’s needs and to reconfigure the services they provide right away.


Ultimate Visibility

Since it is difficult to hold meetings and conference calls every now and then with your outsourced teams, make sure you have access to all real time performance data directly influencing your company’s growth and performance. And if you really need to meet over Skype or Hangouts, having access to these reports will help you jot down ahead all questions and concerns you can ask during your meetings which saves you time and pointless chatters.


Constant Attention


Always have someone working alongside the outsourced team in whatever means possible. If it is not too much of a stretch, you can assign someone to visit your outsourced team quarterly or every six months to personally go over the work, look into the contracts with them for re-alignment of needs and priorities, and personally address issues with your service provider.


Sync up Regularly


Your outsourced team works alongside your in-house teams in certain aspects of the project. To ensure that both teams are not having any problems with regard to working with each other, keep all communications about the project in one location. Also, allow both teams to communicate in real time. Introduce them to one another and clarify both teams’ role in the project.


Quality of management is the key component of a successful outsourcing venture. Make sure to partner with a BPO service provider who will allow you and your staff an ample amount of supervision over the outsourced team they have selected for you. Taking You Forward is a call center company from the Philippines who will provide you with such means in the best possible way. Call them today and learn more about their services.