The challenges and pressures brought by changing economies may discourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from growing. But thanks to new possibilities and innovations, aspiring entrepreneurs can still pursue their ventures and introduce new products and services to the public. All it takes for them is to outsource their non-core activities to a third party, particularly a business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

Outsourcing is a new way of streamlining business processes without even totally eliminating them. You just have to hand over certain business operations to outsiders who can handle the job better than your in-house employees. Big businesses have been doing that for long, and perhaps it’s time SMEs should too. Why and how?

  •  Do business with industry experts

Start-ups may have a hard time finding angel investors or business partners, but if you think you have enough funds to start the ball rolling, why delay? You can partner with an SME outsourcing service provider and contract them long-term to manage your non-essential operations. With experts taking care of your back office operations, you can focus on the core business and afterwards have tea with your BPO partner.

  •  Level the playing field

Most SMEs can’t afford to maintain in-house back office services that larger companies have, due to lack of capital and industry know-how. Outsourcing can help SME owners “think” big and “act” big by giving them access to the expertise and resources that big companies already have and enjoy.

  •  Reduce labor costs

You don’t have to hire or train additional staff to perform customer service when you can just delegate tasks to customer service outsourcing companies. That way, you can directly work with just the key people who will help you develop new products and services or improve existing ones.

  •  Maximize available resources

Make the most out of your limited time and resources on activities and priorities that matter. Money you’re spending on non-essential tasks could be well-spent on production, development projects, service upgrade or even SME loan application.

  • Reduce risk

Rather than take all the risk alone, you can share the burden with your outsourcing partner. Most BPO Companies assume and manage the risk for their clients, and even hold themselves responsible for poor performance or any breach of contract. They are generally better at avoiding and mitigating risk in their fields of expertise.

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