To fully utilize your resources and staff for more important functions, you have decided to outsource your customer service support to a call center from the Philippines. This is a big leap yet a great move for you and your company as you are able to focus more on your core processes and experts are handling your customer service.  You are thrilled about the idea of having an outsourced team and you are confident that they will go beyond your expectations.


Since you have embraced the path of outsourcing, it is about time to develop a comprehensive understanding of call center key performance indicators (KPIs). Through KPIs, you are able to measure the performance of a call center and identify the areas they are good at and areas they need to improve on. Learn about these 8 KPIs:


Call Center Status Metrics

 The Call Center Status Metrics measures the call center’s performance through multiple key variables real-time such as the number of agents logged in, the number of calls being handled, the number of calls waiting, etc.


Service Level

 Service Level measures whether the call center is able to perform in alignment with the service level agreement (SLAs). This checks whether the call center is able to answer a percentage of calls within a specified number of seconds as stated in the SLA.


Call Abandonment

 Call Abandonment measures the number of times a caller hangs up or disconnects before they can be connected to a live agent.


Average Handle Time (AHT)

 Average Handle Time measures the average time the agent spends in a call including hold time.


Agent Schedule Adherence (ASA)

 Agent Schedule Adherence measures how every agent makes use of his or her time. Furthermore, this measures the agent’s degree of compliance with his or her assigned schedule.


Active and Waiting Calls KPI

 Active and Waiting Calls KPI gives real-time information on how many calls are active and how many calls are in queue.


Customer Satisfaction Metrics

 Customer Satisfaction Metrics is acquired through various sources usually in a form of a survey. This analyzes the effectiveness and efficiency of the call center through customers’ inputs.


Call Resolution

 Call Resolution takes note of the outcome of every call. This is a measure of how effective agents are in resolving a customer’s concern on their first call.


Through these KPIs, call centers are able to improve on the daily performance of the call center. Knowledge of these KPIs will allow call centers to make data-driven decisions and changes to implement in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Taking You Forward (TYF) is an up and coming call center in the Philippines. A TYF, we measure KPIs consistently and act on the results. We work hardest in providing our customers with awesome customer experience. Contact us today and let’s talk about your aims for your customer service.