It’s no secret that practically all industries are outsourcing to call centers. There are plenty of success stories worth recalling. You hear of startup companies, small to medium enterprises, and multimillion-dollar conglomerates outsourcing to call centers as a cost-saving and effective business strategy.


You’re probably asking yourself:  “If they are doing it, why can’t I?” What’s keeping me from also enjoying business success through call center outsourcing? Before you start seriously contemplating jumping on the bandwagon, consider asking yourself the following important questions:


1. Do you have the time to do all your business functions in-house?

They say that “time is gold”. Every second you spend on useless business strategies is money lost forever. Make a thorough examination of all the current business functions you have – customer service solutions, marketing, payroll, recruitment, sales, etc. Are you spending enough time with every service? If you’re too busy with your sales and marketing efforts and you fail to take care of your customer service, then you’re better off outsourcing your customer service to a call center.


2. Do you have the budget to hire in-house employees to handle all your business functions?

Every business function you establish requires resources – “money, equipment, and people”. The more functions you have, the more resources you need. Remember that in-house employees demand certain legal requirements, like minimum wage, taxes, and healthcare. Call center outsourcing spares you from such legal liabilities. If you have a startup with limited funds or a multinational corporation with plans of saving investments for future expansion, then call center outsourcing is your best recourse.


3. Do you lack critical business functions or services due to limited resources?

Have you tried eating with just one hand because your other hand is injured? It’s a messy predicament. That’s the scenario if you lack certain business functions. It’s like having a full-scale sales and marketing department without customer support since you can’t afford one yet. Outsourcing your non-core business functions to an established call center in the Philippines is much cheaper and produces 100% positive results. It’s encouraging to know that the Philippines is the call center capital of the world.


4. Do you feel comfortable with another company doing your business functions?

You may have initial apprehensions about handing over your business functions to another company, but that shouldn’t be a worry. As a precaution, you can always scrutinize the track record of that call center and ask around for feedbacks. Once you establish the credibility of the call center, then you just need to entrust your business functions to them. But you need to do your part – you need to manage well your outsourcing efforts.


5. Are you ready to commit long-term with a call center as your business partner?

Call center outsourcing may be done on a short or long term basis. Lots of big companies are outsourcing for the long haul in order to accumulate huge savings that they can use for further expansion.Outsourcing to a call center is basically establishing a business partnership. By establishing a sincere business relationship with the call center, you make a serious commitment to have full trust in the call center’s ability to take good care of your business. If everything works out fine, then be open for the possibility of a long-term and fruitful engagement.


If planned and executed perfectly, call center outsourcing can do great things for your business. If you still have serious doubts about outsourcing to a call center, we can help. Contact us at Taking You Forward, a fast-rising call center in the Philippines.