Most call center services seem to be the same. This is far from true. Not all call centers provide the same type of service or the same service quality. Finding the right BPO provider or call center company involves knowing exactly what kind of service you need. Unless they are looking for administrative or back-office support, businesses usually need to outsource a service that they provide for their customers. The type of service a call center provides in relation to your customers can be classified into two broad categories: Inbound and Outbound. Which kind do you need?




For inbound call center services, customers initiate the call or contact your company. Agents are expected to answer incoming calls or reply to messages sent via email or chat. These services include:



  • Customer Service

Retail companies often need customer service in order to provide assistance to customers when they have inquiries, issues or complaints about the company’s products or services. Outsourcing this service means someone is always available to answer your customer’s queries and concerns. Customer service is conducted via phone, live chat and email.



  • Inbound Sales

Customers call in to inquire about a product or service from sales agents who inform them of its features and benefits to help them decide. Reservations or booking is one example of inbound sales, and hotels and companies in the travel industry often outsource this service.



  • Technical Support

Troubleshooting is a valuable service that companies provide to customers who need help with any computer or technology-related concerns.  Customers may need walkthroughs for using the company’s website or require more detailed instructions on how to use a certain equipment, for example.





On the other hand, for outbound call center services, the company contacts customers. Agents are tasked with making outgoing calls or sending emails to customers. These services cover the following:



  • Telemarketing

Telemarketing is often confused with telesales.  The main distinction is that telemarketing is more concerned with generating interest in the product and gathering information about individuals that sales agents make follow-up calls to. The greater part of telemarketing consists of lead generation and appointment setting.



  • Telesales

Telesales benefits from telemarketing since telesales agents call the leads generated by the telemarketers.  They present the products and services to potential customers during the call  and close the deal with them.

Whether you are looking for outbound or inbound call center services, Taking You Forward can provide the best solutions for your business needs. Call us today and learn how to utilize outsourcing to improve your processes and grow your business.