The Human Resources (HR) Department of your business is the first and last place that your employees will visit during their stay in your company. HR is where applicants submit their resumes. HR also conducts exit interviews when your employees resign.

HR is a crucial function of any company. You need specialists to man your HR, but expert help comes with a high price. For a small business with seasonal hiring needs, it may be too costly to have an in-house HR Department.

Many companies look to recruitment process outsourcing as a viable solution to meet their HR needs without shouldering the high cost of an in-house HR Department. Will HR outsourcing work for your business? Let’s consider some of the pros and cons.

the-pros - Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Human Resources

Savings – Recruitment may be seasonal. If no one retires or resigns from your company, then an in-house HR has very little to do. You don’t have to maintain an in-house HR. When you outsource your HR function, you spend only whenever you have the need.

24/7 Service – This is ideal for companies that operate round-the-clock. A 24/7 HR can attend immediately to the concerns of all employees working in all possible work shifts.

More free time – Your HR outsourcing provider will take care of everything: from recruitment to employee-onboarding, from regular trainings to performance evaluations, from work-life balance activities to exit interviews. You’ll then have more time to focus on your core-business functions.

Access to Experts – An outsourcing provider has all the experts you need: Recruiter, trainers, accountant to handle payroll, and a professional HR manager who’s well versed of the prevailing labor laws.



Loss of control – If you’re used to doing a one-man show when running your business, you may have a hard time giving up control of your HR function to an outsourcing provider. Unless you have a clear agreement with your provider, your “out of control” outsourcing efforts will only harm your business.

Breach of confidentiality – HR handles a bunch of confidential information, such as salaries and employee contact details. If you don’t deal with a reputable outsourcing provider, you run the risk of leaking private information.


A great HR can provide you the best employees to run your business. HR is the key to a harmonious work-life balance that keeps your employees highly motivated to work for you. The happier your employees are, the more successful your business will be.

Outsource your HR to the experts, and give yourself more time to take care of your core-business functions. Contact us out at We’ll gladly show you how outsourcing your HR can make a difference to your business.