Big companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) outsource their non-core services to outsourcing companies to cut costs not only in terms of operations, but also in talent acquisition. Access to better talents seems to be a secondary goal for companies that outsource, but it is still important. Many businesses may not understand the benefits quality hires bring in terms of cost-savings because they tend to see their employees as liabilities rather than assets.


For companies that outsource, they have 2 choices, and any choice is as good as the other. They can either:

  1. Contract a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) specialist who will find and interview the most qualified job candidates for them and even handle related Human Resources functions (payroll, training, new employee orientation and onboarding, etc.); or
  2. Partner with a third party who has the manpower (and technologies) to manage your non-essential business processes. For example, a call center company to handle your customer service, sales, technical support, and lead generation.


Either way, your business wins. Whatever option you choose will guarantee continued or renewed success, provided that outsourcing is done correctly. Your success may be attributed to your customers’ patronage, but do not forget the people who work behind the scenes. After all, success depends on working with the right kind of people, may they be your employees or third party service providers.


Keeping the People You Need At No Increasing Costs


As essential it is for your business to delegate the non-core business processes to outsourcing companies, it is just as essential to keep the core employees who have direct roles in the core activities. As for the non-core processes, it is best that they be handed over to people who possess the core competencies to perform them.


Temps? Not a good idea. If you want to give your business a competitive boost and a somewhat global feel, seek the service of a recruitment process outsourcing provider. They know how and where to find your next “employee of the month”. Since the advice is coming from a recruitment outsourcing expert, you will know their recommendations are the people you want to keep, not the temps you let go after handing them the paycheck for a day’s work.


RPO service providers initially invest in the skills of the people they recruit for you, thus ensuring you have employees who can readily contribute to your business and become important role players behind the scene.


Talent: The Most Critical Ingredient to Your Success


What brings capability costs money, and that is what talent is. Companies that outsource are way ahead of the others in recognizing the importance of having top-quality employees when considering cost-saving benefits. After all, don’t the right people make cost-savings measures work?


Treat outsourcing as a forum for talent acquisition. Use it to build better access to global talents and gain new insights without incurring additional costs. Use it to improve and expand your talent base without hiring new employees or training new staff. Overall, learn how people perceive your business through your outsourced talents.

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