Today’s job seekers are tech-savvy or else tech-dependent, as what the recruiting software company Jobvite can attest from their 2014 study:

  • 27% of job seekers expect to be able to apply for a job via a mobile device.
  • 37% of millennial job seekers (born between 1980 and 2000) expect career websites to be optimized for mobile.
  • 64% of U.S. adults who switch jobs every 1-5 years have searched for jobs or had contact with potential employers via their mobile device.
  • Among job seekers between 18 and 29 years of age, 54% own an Android phone, while 43% own an iPhone.  
  • 43% have used their mobile device to engage in job seeking activities.
  • Among job seekers using social media for job seeking, 67% go for Facebook, 45% Twitter, and 40% LinkedIn. Other social channels include Instagram (31%), Pinterest (25%), and Snapchat (17%).
  • 28% of millennial job seekers use Facebook to know about a company’s culture, while 14% choose Instagram, and another 14% pick Snapchat.


For employers and recruiters, what’s to learn from the stats? It cannot be denied that technology offers job seekers and employers benefits in this fast-paced digital world that still grapple with unemployment and economic woes.


Various technologies give people new tools to do things in different ways, and social media is just one of these technologies. It’s becoming the most popular tool among employers and recruiters when recruiting and selecting job applicants. It helps make the whole hiring process faster, easier, and more cost-effective. It changes the face of recruitment, giving it a new meaning in the following ways:


  • Greater ability to connect with top notch talents – By using social media, employers, recruiters and even recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service providers can now easily contact and directly interact with the most qualified job candidates. They can also use the tool to weed out unqualified applicants and view candidates’ connections and portfolios.
  • Better understanding of the desired candidate(s) – If you need to know more about a job seeker than just what’s on paper or what they say in the interview, why not peek into their social profiles? That’s what 77% of hiring managers and recruiters do. However, you must tread on this carefully: You must never force applicants into providing links or passwords to their profiles or else you risk an invasion of privacy.
  • Ready availability of data – No more costly, and time-consuming background checks. No more low quality employee referrals. No more limited references. Social connections can help verify the background of job seekers, and simplify and speed up the background check and referral process. Moreover, it also provides ready reviews of their portfolio.
  • Wider reach for your job ads – With social media, you will never have to post job adverts on print media or hire through placement agencies anymore. Social media users will spread the word for you, sharing your adverts with friends who are looking for a job or just simply mentioning them.


The potential to grow your SME or startup with the right employees is limitless, and the possibilities of finding the best talents using social media are endless, so why limit your company’s growth or success with traditional recruiting?



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