social mediaCustomers are becoming more and more outspoken and thanks to social media, they now have a venue for expressing themselves.  Businesses can either respond poorly which will damage their online reputation, or use this to their advantage and connect customers to their customer support team.


Here’s what companies need to remember when faced with a complaint on social media:


-  It’s counterproductive to delete complaints

First off, do not delete any negative comments from customers.  It may be acceptable to edit out curse words but other than that but allow customers to express their frustrations.  Deleting their comments on social media will only make the situation worse.  Keeping their comments and showing your responses highlights your professionalism and willingness to resolve issues.


-  Respond quickly

The sooner you put out the fire, the better.  Customers who are complaining will expect you to take notice and the longer you ignore them, the more upset they will be.  Other customers will also see on your social media accounts if you’ve been neglecting negative comments.  Don’t let a day go by without responding even if it’s just to apologize and tell the customer that you will be contacting them to discuss the issue.


-  Know when to go offline and escalate the complaint

Determine the severity of the complaint and handle it offline if you need to.  Contacting the customer via phone is still the best way to resolve issues.  Be ready with a concrete action plan and immediately follow it up after the call by taking steps to correct the issue.


-  Be on the lookout for similar complaints

Take note of issues that keep repeating especially if they’re coming from various customers.  The management team will need to be notified and changes made to the process, product or service involved.


-  Use the learning from the experience to improve your product or service

Be grateful for customer feedback and consider it market research.  With this knowledge, you can enhance your products or services.  Customers will also be gratified to see that you were able to implement changes because you valued their opinion.

Your social media accounts can be used to support your customer service channels and this will help you reach a greater number of customers since most consumers are often found online.  Whether it’s by phone, email or live chat, for any customer service needs, you can count on Taking You Forward, a growing call center company in the Philippines.  We have the resources and skills to assist you.  Call us today.