Competition is tough in the world of sales, even more so when it is an insurance policy you are selling.  For insurance agents, there is more at stake than just profit. To emerge victorious, you need to be more assertive, be knowledgeable about the best strategies and avoid common pitfalls.  What are the usual challenges faced by insurance agents and how can you successfully dodge them?


  1. Uncertain economy

Fluctuations in the economy affect consumers’ spending ability and make them more wary of where they invest their money. Fortunately, products like insurance policies that can protect customers’ assets and properties have become more necessary in an unstable economy.  You just need to help your customers see that and help them realize how being insured can benefit them in the future.

  1. Changing laws

Every time policies are amended, new processes are established which may result to old practices being eliminated. Because of the changes, your product and procedures also need to adapt. Agents need to be aware of what to do when changes occur in order to respond accordingly. Keep yourself updated on the news and any changes in government policies so you do not heedlessly do something illegal.

  1. The search for more leads or prospects

Looking for consumers interested in your product is getting more and more difficult.  People will either refuse your product or say they are incapable of paying for the said insurance policy.  How do you find and explore unknown markets? You can either utilize technologies that can generate more leads for you or referral programs that encourage existing customers to get their acquaintances for incentives.

  1. Staying connected with customers via different communication channels

Digital marketing – which encompasses email marketing, newsletters, search engine optimization, and social media – has increased businesses’ ability to connect with their patrons and reach out to more prospective customers. However, managing digital marketing programs requires your time and effort.  Updating your social media accounts, for example, is something that needs to be done daily if you want it to be effective.

  1. More inquiries and information needed by customers

Closing the deal does not end your transaction.  Customers will continue to throw questions at you which is why after sales customer service is very important.  To keep your customers happy (which eventually leads to them recommending you), you need to be available to address any of their concerns.


The good news is that there is a way to easily overcome all these challenges without overextending yourself. Lead generation, customer service and online marketing are exactly what insurance outsourcing can take care of for you. With insurance outsourcing, you can focus on what you do best – the actual sales and personal interaction with customers. An established call center company in the Philippines, like Taking You Forward Inc., can help you effectively manage your time and resources. Partner with us and see your sales increase rapidly.