The way businesses engage with their customers has transformed over time. We’ve gone beyond the digital age that every major organization, even those that are just starting out, have utilized every online channel available in order to provide customers with the needed support. In addition to phone, email, self-service and video customer support channels, live chat has become the most valuable tool for ecommerce businesses and others that have relied on the leads and sales generated by their respective websites. How great is this tool? Why does it work so many wonders? Let’s learn about the untapped potential of live chat.



Live chat provides real-time convenience to customers.


When customers browse through your website, they do it at any time of the day – at the wee hours of the morning, very late at night, or over lunch. Now, most customer support are available 24/7, but for most customers, it’s too much of a hassle to go make a call, press whatever number the recording asks you to press, and wait for an actual agent to pick up the call. Most of these customers wouldn’t want to navigate off your website as well. With live chat, the customer can just type in his or her queries about your products or services, receive the answer right then and there and be done with the transaction in a few minutes with the help of a live chat support agent.


Live chat reduces customer support and sales cost.


Customer support hotlines cost money. Training agents to receive calls, putting customers on hold for extensive periods of time, and not being able to successfully resolve a call is a big blow financially. With live chat, installation is not something too complex to handle. There are just three things you need to be sure of: (1) your live chat support agents know your website by heart, (2) you have all the information you need in the website, (3) and your agents know how to operate the live chat tool.


Live chat improves sales numbers.


When customers are able to get the answers that they need real-time, this becomes a positive experience for them. With a positive experience, it is more likely for your customers to return and purchase more of your products and services. Most of the time, the best way for you to increase your sales is to make sure your customers are treated properly.


Live chat ensures shopping carts make it through check-out.


You may get a number of visits to your website, and yes, they go check your products and services. But do these visits make it through check-out? The number one cause for high bounce rate is always the lack of support. Through live chat, customers get helpful advice and insights regarding their purchases. When a real person walks them through their purchases, customers become confident. They are confident that the product they are eyeing is more likely to be what they are looking for and something that is less likely to be returned. When no one is available to assist a customer regarding your products and services, they will leave the website and the things they marked in the cart.


Live chat provides up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


When a live chat support agent is able to assist the customer and understand the customer’s preferences, the agent is in the perfect position to make personal recommendations of additional purchases. What a way to up-sell and cross-sell! As customers have already shown interest with your products and services by visiting the website, you are able to encourage customers to check out other offerings.


Live chat is one great tool and you should implement this in your websites. Partner with a call center with outstanding experience in Live Chat Support. Work with Taking You Forward today and enjoy the many benefits you will get from their proven track record in Live Chat Support!