Exceptional Customer Service With three billion people or 42% of the world’s population being Internet users, you could just imagine what a vast marketplace the World Wide Web is. Around 44% of them are online customers of sorts, having shelled out close to $1.6 trillion in worldwide web sales. Around 52% of Internet users access the Internet from their mobile phones, with an average value of global online shopping orders via smartphone close to $95. For orders via desktop and tablet, it’s a staggering $128 and $110, respectively.


What do these numbers mean to you? Or to rephrase the question, how or what do you make of these numbers? A smart and innovative business owner would see them as both an opportunity and a challenge: An opportunity to expand the business online, and a challenge to make the business relevant to the growing number of online consumers. Simply put, it’s all about providing the best ecommerce customer service.  


Why does exceptional service matter to online customers or to any ecommerce business?


  • Online customers still need support – You can’t expect all online consumers to be tech-savvy, just because they shop online. In a brick-and-mortar store, you help shoppers by answering their questions regarding a product or service or by recommending certain items to them. The same service can be provided to online shoppers as well through live chat, phone inquiries, or emails. When the needed support is not provided, expect no sales at all.
  • Online customers demand a speedy response – In physical stores, ignore or toss your customers around, and they will surely leave their items behind. It’s the same thing in ecommerce sites. If they get no response within minutes, they abandon their shopping carts. What a way to piss off people who spend an hour or two a day browsing for products or information!
  • You don’t want to look bad – Social media makes brands and retailers listen to their customers, or else face a backlash on top of low sales. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, pissed off online shopper can now share their bad ecommerce customer service experience to more people.
  • You don’t want to lose money – Innovation without fast service is nothing. Aside from a fast website or mobile app, a fast service is what matters to the modern shoppers who seem to be always on the go. Why does it matter? Customers’ attitudes are unpredictable. You have a number of competitors in the market and it’s now easier and quicker to switch brands.
  • You want to make more money – Of course, excellent support plus fast service equals more business. Provide your customers a better customer experience – and see your fortunes and company value grow.


It may be easy to put up an online retail store or roll out a new product, but it’s harder and more expensive to bring back customers you drove away. So when you are in an online business, customer service first before profits, and not the other way round.


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