Everyone loves a good story, even customers.  Research has shown that when companies use stories to convey their messages, thestory audience is
more receptive and reacts more positively.  It’s surprising, though, that not many companies utilize storytelling to their advantage in marketing campaigns.  Why are stories so powerful?  


Here are the top reasons why you should integrate storytelling into your marketing programs and scripts to boost your sales:


  1. Stories make a greater impact

Compared to numbers and simple facts, a story is easier to recall.  They are also more interesting and can grab a listener’s attention better.  If we want to generate interest so that customers will give us their time of day but we also want them to be aware of the selling points of our product or service, we can incorporate the product’s features into our scripts.  The chances are higher that customers will remember some, if not most, of our message.  


  1.  Stories make it easier for a customer to envision your product and how it works

Features and specifications alone, no matter how great, will not persuade a customer to buy a product.  It is the benefits that customers will be more interested in.  However, right off the bat, customers will not be able to fully understand how owning the product benefits them.  A skillfully told story will let customers see and imagine themselves holding and using the product.  This connection strengthens the likelihood of customers making the purchase.   


  1.  They can motivate customers to do something

When customers are able to relate to your story and comprehend how having that product is more advantageous to them, you will have a greater chance of influencing their choice.  This is also dependent on not just the product itself, but on how you told the story and the way you personalized it to suit the customer’s lifestyle and personality.

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  1.  Stories help you connect to your listener both emotionally and rationally

Presenting only statistics and data to customers may evoke some interest but it may not be enough to get their commitment.  At the same time, stimulating only emotions will catch their attention but logic will eventually hold them back and even make them second guess themselves.  To get complete commitment from your customer, we use stories and narration of events both to answer logical questions and stimulate a specific feeling in customers.   



Now that we know how valuable utilizing stories is for telemarketers and sales staff, we need to strategize and think of creative ways to make use of storytelling.  If you or your company needs more trained personnel to handle inbound or outbound sales and marketing calls, consider partnering with a BPO service provider like Taking You Forward.  We are a call center company committed to working together with you for your success.