email customer service Emails are an essential part of the customer service multi-channel strategy since almost everyone is using it whether for work or for personal purposes.  Businesses can include email in their customer support offering even when cutting costs thanks to outsourcing.  Since outsourcing reduces labor costs, you can be assured that you can provide the email support most customers require while having enough funds for your other business needs.  Similar to other forms of customer care, email customer service does, however, carry with it both advantages and challenges.  


Here’s what you can do to rise above these challenges and provide top quality email support:


Challenge #1:  Customers expect a quick response.

In general, most customers would expect a reply to their emails within 24 hours.  If you reply beyond that time, customers are likely to feel dissatisfied, and if the reason for their email is a problem, customers will feel even more annoyed.  To ensure that emails are dealt with on time, you can establish a dedicated email customer service team that’s available round the clock.  However, when necessary and for urgent issues, give the customer a call.      


Challenge #2:  Maintaining your brand’s image through email is not easy.  

Any interaction with your customer represents your company and contributes to your image and reputation.  Similar to how your phone support representatives have a guide on what to say for every issue and how to say it, your messages on your email should also be consistent with your brand.  Although it’s not a good idea to have your representatives simply copy everything, you can provide guidelines such as email format and layout, how to greet customers, and especially which words to choose and which to avoid.


Challenge #3:  Your sentences and your entire email must still be concise.

Although details are needed when explaining a solution and especially when giving instructions, you should still avoid making your sentences too long as this will take too much time to read and understand.  Try to keep to the important parts of the message you wish to express and if further information is needed, include links to the website or attach files in your email.  

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Challenge #4:  The tone of your email may be perceived as too impersonal and scripted.

To make answering emails quicker and more efficient, some customer service departments use a standard format or outline.  On the other hand, simply copying messages will make your emails sound too detached.  Be sure to customize each email for the customer to add a personal touch.  Address the customer appropriately; edit the message based on the customer’s specific issue; and use words that sound pleasant and conversational.  


Challenge #5:  Empathizing through email can be difficult.

Unlike phone customer service where representatives can use their tone of voice to empathize with customers, in email you are limited to the words alone.  Aside from making certain that the customer’s intent and purpose is understood and all their issues noted, your words when you reply to the email should clearly convey the message you wish to express to avoid any misunderstanding.  If the situation requires, you may also call the customer to explain and get their response in real-time.  


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