Email is still one of the most preferred methods of customer service especially for customers who don’t have the time to call the hotline immediately.  However, email customer service, just like phone customer service needs to be of top quality for it to satisfactorily solve customer issues and fully support your company.  It’s not just as easy as sending out scripted and copied responses or templates.    


To make sure your email customer service is above par, here are some highly recommended action steps:


  1.  Personalized

Make customers feel valued by addressing them by name even in your emails.  This is going the extra mile in giving your customers service that not only solves their problems but also makes them feel good.  Ensure that any email templates you send out are edited to fit the customer’s situation.  Empathizing with your customer’s feelings is also a commonly neglected but highly important factor.  


  1.  Straight to the point and concise

Keep your sentences short and simple.  This will save the customer time in trying to understand your message.  Your instructions should also be easy to follow.  Avoid anything vague or not specific or customers will end up having to email you again.  Do not use jargon or any terms that the customer might not understand.  Be clear as well about what to expect.  


  1.  Utilize links for more detailed instructions

If more details are needed, it would be best to itemize your instructions and number them.  This will make the instructions more organized and easier to understand.  Provide links for the source of these directions and for pages that customers can go over if they need more information.  Include links as well for any forms that need to be downloaded, any pages where they need to sign up or videos that they can view.    


  1.  Professional but friendly

The words you use will set the tone of your message and influence how the customer will respond.  A professional tone is still ideal but this will need to be balanced with a friendly approach.  Customers prefer to interact with a representative who sounds more approachable even in writing.  If you need to deliver unpleasant news, however, adopt a more formal tone.


  1.  Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Mistakes are more glaring when they can be seen and recorded in writing.  Proofread your emails for any lapses and errors.  This step may seem very basic but it can be neglected if you’re pressed for time and would like to respond quickly.  Sending out emails with typos and grammatical errors will detract from your professionalism.


  1.  Focus on the positive

It’s best to start and end with a positive outlook.  Especially when delivering unfavorable news, focus on what can be done, what you will do and what the customer can expect in future.  End your email on a high note to instill confidence in your customer about your ability to help him find a solution. (You might also like: Outsource Customer Service to Turn Complaints to Compliments

These action steps have been proven effective at significantly improving the quality of customer service emails resulting to better goodwill between businesses and customers.  For excellent email customer service, contact the customer care experts at Taking You Forward, a BPO services provider in the Philippines.