With almost  everyone owning a smartphone these days, mobile customer service is fast becoming a necessity.  Consumers are looking for more options and ways to reach customer service and not just through email or phone.  The mobile app is certainly very convenient, plus it can offer multiple features all focused on customer satisfaction and support.  


To make sure your customer service mobile app is a success, take note of the following factors:


Simple interface, lesser taps or clicks

Instead of focusing on an attractive theme or design, the focus of a customer service mobile app should be on function.  Make sure your app is user-friendly and easy to understand.  Plan the menu so that navigating it is quick and simple.  Customers want to be able to save time and find the information they need with as few clicks as possible without having to go through multiple pages.    


 Links to social media accounts6 Factors That Make A Mobile App For Customer Service Excellent

Linking the app to social media networks allows customers to share your content and provide feedback about your service.  Customers will be encouraged to voice their opinions and trust that you’re interested in what they have to say.  This gives you an opportunity to learn more about your customers as well, including how to improve your service and how to enhance your app to meet customer’s needs. 


 Self-service alternatives

Customers are increasingly looking for ways to make purchases or solve their concerns by themselves first without having to wait to speak to a representative.  This gives them more freedom on what they want to do and when and businesses can please their customers better by offering this option.  At the same time, this feature should provide a way to contact a customer service representative, such as through a link, if the customer should change their mind midway through the process.


 Feedback method

App users should have a method for quickly reporting any glitches in the app or to give suggestions on how to improve it.  Not only will you have the input of actual users to help you refine the app for an optimal user experience, you will also make your customers feel that you value their insight.  


Some offline content

There will be times, no matter how few, when phone users will have problems with their network’s connectivity.  Consider including some offline content that users can browse through or download so that your app will not be entirely useless when their signal is weak.


Customer care

The customer support feature available through your app needs to be smooth and quick to respond.  Otherwise, customers might need to exit your app to call or email a customer service representative instead, defeating the purpose of your app and making the experience an inconvenient one for customers.    


With these features, your mobile customer service app can complement and support your other customer service channels as well as marketing programs.  If you need help in improving your customer service platform, you can always outsource the task to others.  For superior customer service, whatever the channel, whether by phone, email or chat, call Taking You Forward, a dynamic BPO service provider in the Philippines.