For customers who are calling to complain, speed is of the essence.  How correctly and quickly their issues get resolved will either make them feel valued or unappreciated.  Though you might feel that your department’s performance at complaint handling is at par and moderately satisfactory, there are always ways to improve and enhance the customer’s experience.



Here’s what you can do to process and resolve complaints more quickly:                                       5 Techniques to Expedite Your Customer Service Complaint Management


  1. Sort complaints into categories to process them directly through the proper channels

Once customers reach your IVR system, it’s best that they’re given options for which category their concern falls under.  This is to make certain that the customer speaks directly with a specialist that can resolve his concern.  This will also lessen the chances of the customer constantly being transferred from one representative to another.   

  1.  Set clear standard operating procedures for specific issues

Customer service representatives should be aware of what to do for every given situation.  Equipping the representatives with thorough knowledge will prevent them from hesitating and becoming disorganized.  This means incorporating into the procedures for each situation problem solving, analysis and empathizing.  The procedures must also be clear on how to escalate complaints.  

  1.  Automate whichever processes you can

Don’t be afraid to use automation to your advantage.  Whether it’s through the IVR or online on your website, this gives your customers more options so that they don’t always have to wait to speak to a representative before solving their concerns.  This will assist considerably in getting minor concerns resolved quickly through self-service and freeing up more representatives to tackle larger issues for more customers.  

  1.  Update your training programs and re-train customer service representatives when necessary

Identify the weak areas of your representatives and re-train them on the skills they need to enhance.  Your training programs also need to be updated from time to time to address common weak areas of representatives and any new challenges.  Ensure that they have mastered their product knowledge, can use questions effectively and can empathize sincerely with customers.

  1.  Pay attention to your customer’s feedback particularly on social media

Social media is especially useful in finding out what customers think of your brand and service.  Taking note of what they say and acting immediately on issues is a proactive way of keeping the problem from getting worse.  This is also an opportunity for you to redeem yourselves in your customer’s eyes as you don’t have to wait for them to call you before taking action and when they do call, you already have solutions prepared.  


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