live chat customer supportThe live chat option is most advantageous for customers who are visiting the website or are using the company’s mobile app since they can ask for assistance anytime. On the company’s side, this customer service channel has also been shown to contribute to sales.  This shows us that though the chat option is used by customers less often than phone and email, we still need to ensure that it maintains a high quality of customer service.   


Here are some tips to make sure customers have the best experience when using your chat customer service:


  1. Probe by asking questions. It’s not that easy to get information through chat as compared to the phone where customers can quickly talk about their concerns right away or email where customers have time to think about what they want to say.  To save time and encourage the customer to give all the information needed, representatives have to ask the right questions.  Never assume.  Confirm and paraphrase the issue once all the details are given to avoid any misunderstanding which could lead to an incorrect resolution.


2.  Keep your statements short and direct to the point. When answering customer’s inquiries, cut to the chase and give them a straight answer before giving a more detailed explanation.  Take care not to use jargon or any technical terms that a customer might not be familiar with, as it might not be understood or it will need to be explained further, which will take more time.


  3. Use words that convey a pleasant tone. Over-use of scripts can make representatives sound unfeeling and artificial.  We need to remember that this is still an interaction between humans so we have to be sensitive to our customers as well.  It can be challenging to determine your customer’s mood apart from basing it on the words he uses.  In the same way, representatives need to choose their words carefully.  Their words should be mostly positive and impart a friendly, helpful manner.


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  4. Know what to avoid. Whatever you do, stay away from the caps lock key and sarcasm.  Messages in all caps make it sound like you’re shouting at the customer, which is unforgivable; while sarcasm and jokes can seem rude and even insulting.  Maintain your professionalism when dealing with customers so that you always come across as credible and trustworthy.


5.  Double check your grammar and spelling. Live chat may seem like a more casual setting but don’t be deceived.  This is still a business transaction and should be treated with the utmost professionalism.  Use complete sentences, with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Representatives should make it a habit of using tools and websites to double check their statements.


Live chat customer service has the potential to grow in the future as consumers are starting to use company mobile websites and apps more.  With your chat customer support representatives equipped and ready, this channel could become more profitable and beneficial for your company’s growth.  If you need a live chat customer support team, BPO service providers like Taking You Forward, a call center company in the Philippines, can build a skilled team for you.