Have you ever wondered why some stores in your area still enjoy rising sales even though they don’t get many visitors like they used to? Chances are, most of their customers are online now. It seems that your competitors know a thing or two about the growing number of online shoppers:
  • 51% of the 1,000 adult Americans surveyed preferred to shop from the comfort of their own homes. (Nextopia) ecommerce 2
  • 83% of consumers will shop more online if offered free shipping (Walker Sands), and will even spend 30% more per order to go along with the offer. (Wharton)
  • 72% of consumers aged 25-34 research and shop their options online before heading to a store or the mall. (The Intelligence Group)
  • 60% of shoppers said they would be more likely to visit or shop at a store that offers smartphone apps and other in-store online services. (Cisco)
  • 65% of consumers would browse holiday purchases online, and then ultimately buy them in person at a store. (Accenture)
Your competitors are being smart about accommodating the modern shoppers, who crave for the comfort and convenience of online shopping, but they didn’t just stop there.They also provide excellent ecommerce customer service, the key to your competitors’ success with the growing number of online shoppers.
Want to know how your rival businesses attend to customers who do their shopping distances away from the brick-and-mortar stores? Learn to:
  • Provide multi-channel support – There are channels that businesses can use to reach out to online customers: Email, chat, and social media. And should the Internet be down, retailers shouldn’t hesitate to contact customers over the phone. Customers may use more than one channel to contact businesses, but they expect to receive one thing: Consistent, reliable, and timely service.

  • Interact on social media – If customers aren’t visiting the physical stores, they must be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest – places where they “window-shop” nowadays. It’s also where customers show to businesses who’s the boss and who’s right. Indeed, interacting with customers on social media is just like meeting them at the center aisles of a physical store, and later helping them to the checkout aisles.
  • Chat Online shoppers love deals, free delivery, and a wide inventory, but they love timely response more. Ensure speedy answers to customers’ queries by providing online chat. That way, you can keep alive customers’ interest in your products in a busy shopping season or when they have to visit your physical store to purchase the item in person in a busy day.
  • Track customer interactions – With more and more customers reaching out to retailers via multiple channels, it is important to track customer interactions not only to gather data for marketing research, but also to develop deeper trust and closer relationship with customers, especially those who now shop away from the physical store. It is necessary to take all measures to ensure their loyalty to the brand while offering them better deals and flexible shopping options.
It is no small feat for your competitors to achieve high sales in these digital times and even amidst tight competition. Is there a way for you to emulate their success with online customers?
There is. With the help of a reliable outsourcing service provider, you can have your share of online success. Learn how by calling Taking You Forward, a dynamic inbound call center in the Philippines today. Let’s bring your business to the online marketplace.