Smartphones have revolutionized the business industry by making almost everything available instantly wherever you are.  Companies must do their best to keep up with the competition and with their customers’ expectations of having multiple channels available for their customer service needs.  Aside from phone, chat, email and social media, company websites should also be designed to optimize mobile customer service.


Here are the characteristics that signify fantastic mobile customer service:


Characteristics of Fantastic Mobile Customer Service1. Fast and responsive system

As always, when it comes to customer service, speed is of the essence.  A less than speedy response equates to time wasted.  If your site takes too long to process a request or to move from one page to another, this can be detrimental to the mobile customer service experience.  Similarly, if your customer service representatives don’t reply to customers right away, these customers might just give up on using your mobile site.



2. Clear and concise content

Your site should provide viewers with content that’s short and sweet.  Being straightforward and direct without the use of any jargon is best.  The value of time can again be seen here.  Customers want to be able to comprehend a message or instructions without any confusion and in the shortest time possible.  Your customer service representatives should also be on the same page with this one.  Their responses need to be just as short, meaningful and easy to understand.   


3. Mobile-friendly format

The site should be designed in such a way that all of the images and all content can be clearly displayed whatever device you’re using for browsing.  These images and text should automatically adjust to fit the viewer’s screen size, making it easy and convenient to navigate.  The menu, headers and categories should also be carefully planned to make it quick and easy to choose from the site’s options.    


4. Incorporated with different channels

For excellent and efficient service, your site should also directly lead to your other customer service channels.  This makes it easier for users to switch from your website to your app, email or social media accounts whenever they want to.  The system you use should be able to record and store information from all channels so that the customer’s data is up-to-date and the customer will not need to keep repeating his issue even if he uses different mediums.      


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