secure outsource


To keep up with the demands of the market, many businesses have been turning to outsourcing some of their tasks especially since outsourcing reduces labor costs.  At the same time, however, the threat of data theft and fraud are real.  So before you finalize your contract with your chosen outsourcing provider, make sure to secure your information first.  Here are the best ways to keep your data safe.


  • Reinforce your company’s security policy – First of all, ensure that your own company has rules and regulations on information security to protect your data.  Your policies should be clear on the definition of terms, the scope of the policy and procedures included.  It should especially outline what course of action to take in the event of a security breach.  The policies should be promptly and thoroughly disseminated to all managers and employees.  


  • Train your employees on how to keep your information safe – To support your data security policy, provide training for your employees on identifying intellectual property, the processes for protecting your data and avoiding security threats.  This ensures that employees can handle to some degree any security situations that arise.  Conduct regular audits at your company to check that everyone is abiding by the guidelines.   


  • Utilize technology to boost your security – It might seem costly at first but investing in topnotch hardware and software used for security will place an additional layer of protection for your network.  Aside from that, your site itself should have a security system in place that covers the defense of both physical and digital features from equipment to computers and files.    


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  • Limit access to your data – Another highly effective way to make certain your data is protected is to minimize the number of users who can access the data.  The scope of work of employees should determine how much access they will have to certain data like files, documents, and programs, when they are allowed to access it and how many users can open files at a time.  Also, constant monitoring and tracking of use especially for sensitive information is necessary.   


  •  Carefully choose your outsourcing partner – It’s crucial to select an outsourcing partner that values security and can guarantee the protection of your data.  Check the security policy of your chosen BPO company before making a commitment.  It’s best that they have a comprehensive security policy.  Once you’ve formed an agreement with your BPO service provider, if you can, give your own requirements on security if theirs lacks anything significant.


If you partner with us at Taking You Forward, you can be assured that we prioritize the security of your data and information.  We specialize in quality services like customer care, sales and technical support but at the same time, we uphold the confidentiality of your information and we have set in place standards and guidelines for you, our valued clients.  Contact us today for outsourcing solutions combined with secure systems for your business.