At first glance, customer support for B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) seems to be the same and concerns can be addressed more or less the same way.  However, take a closer look and you’ll find significant differences in the two.  Companies that handle B2B clients should have a different approach when it comes to their customer service.  


Here are the top ways B2B and B2C customer care vary:   


-  Preferred CustB2C Vs B2B Customer Care omer Service Channel

B2C customers use a variety of ways to reach your customer service department: by phone, email and chat.  Some of them also choose to use social media since this is more convenient.  B2B clients, meanwhile, often need either immediate resolutions to their issues, which they can achieve over the phone, or detailed explanations/directions for solving their concerns which can be obtained via email.  


-  Number of Customers and Contacts Involved

There are considerably less B2B customers compared to B2C consumers but each transaction with a B2B customer entails more funds.  For every business problem they have, time and money are lost.  Also, each B2B customer is linked to other people under his supervision, so it’s vital that you resolve concerns right away since they are also affected by any issues in the business.  The B2B customer may also delegate other people to be the point of contact for the issue so customer service representatives need to keep track of these multiple contact persons who are validly representing the customer.   


-  Relationship with Clients

For B2C consumers, each customer service transaction though expected to be pleasant and effective, is still more or less impersonal, with the representative not knowing much about the customer.  In the B2B client’s case, however,.  The customer support representative needs to have an idea of the B2B customer’s business and brand and their status with the company in order to give the most relevant and time-saving resolutions.  


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-  Complexity of Concerns

Most B2C customers phone customer service only to make an inquiry or to have one or two issues resolved with one call.  The issues facing B2B customers, though, are usually more complicated than those of B2C consumers.  They require more understanding and skill from representatives as they could necessitate more action steps such as testing, research and evaluation.  In a lot of cases, it may take multiple calls or emails plus some follow-up before the matter is completely resolved.  


-  Extent of Cooperation Needed

Since the issues of B2B customers are more complex and typically need a little more time to analyze and solve, they often also take more cooperation between both the customer and the customer service representative.  Especially in the case of very technical products and services, customer service representatives must establish rapport with B2B customers to make it easy to gather data and information.  


The right BPO company is able to adjust the methods and practices of their customer care team to meet the needs of your B2B customers.  Whether it’s for B2B or B2C customers, Taking You Forward, a call center company in the Philippines, is capable of providing the best customer service representatives to support your brand.  Call us today.