social media customer serviceMany businesses have now acknowledged that in this day and age, a social media profile is a must for building a good relationship with your customers.  Most customers are online on various social media accounts most days and they utilize these for their customer service requests.  Businesses need to invest time and effort then in improving the quality of their social media customer care.  Here are some of the most important guidelines to follow:


  1. Make response time and speed a priority

Studies show that customers expect a quick response for their issues that are sent through social media.  The quicker your response is, the higher the likelihood of customer satisfaction.  In fact, while in email, one day is the standard for response time, in social media, some customers would even anticipate and appreciate if you respond in less than an hour.   


  1.  Identify the most appropriate social media apps for your brand

You may choose to launch your customer support feature on most social media apps or you can focus on a couple.  The most important factor in helping you with your selection is for you to determine which apps most of your customers are online on most of the time.  Depending on the market, for example, companies with young professionals as customers might find LinkedIn more useful, and for those with more varied audiences, Twitter or Facebook.    


  1. When needed, transfer the issue to a different channel

Once you’ve correctly identified the customer’s issue and a more thorough explanation or specific resolution is required, don’t hesitate to move the matter to another channel.  Be careful how you handle this, however.  One of the best ways is to respond to the customer’s concern first through a direct message and then inform the customer of the need to transfer the issue to email or phone support.  


  1.  Be sensitive to the customer’s tone of voice

Always watch your words and adapt your style to fit the customer’s.  You may use more relaxed, casual language with a generally satisfied customer but ensure that you still sound professional.  The greater challenge is when you have someone who’s sarcastic or annoyed.  This is when you need to use empathy and when necessary, offer an apology.   

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  1.  Always use a hashtag

This may seem negligible to most customer support representatives but when it comes to social media, a hashtag is very handy.  When you use a hashtag, it’s easier to look for other similar concerns especially the urgent ones and address them quickly.  Aside from that, you may also add more information using the same hashtag so that other customers can be informed as well.  


  1.  Interact with customers who mention you

Many customers will not directly send their tweet to a company but will instead merely mention the name or product.  Search for these mentions and if you can, respond to them, particularly if the customer has a genuine concern, or to show appreciation for customers who express their satisfaction with your product or service.


Even if your resources are limited, you can still establish a quality social media customer support team through outsourcing since outsourcing labor rates are more practical for some businesses compared to an in-house team.  For assistance with social media customer support, you can partner with BPO service providers.  Our contact center company, Forward BPO, is fully able to support you in your outsourcing business needs from customer support to sales and back office admin tasks.  Call us today.