blog bodyDuring peak seasons like holidays, it’s inevitable that call volumes will reach the highest of the year. More customers will need services, whether it’s sales, technical support or customer service. It’s vital that companies are prepared to meet this demand and continue to provide exceptional service. There’s a great opportunity for profit during these seasons but also a potential for loss when companies cannot cope with all the calls from customers.


Here’s what you can do to manage high call volume during your peak seasons:
1. Plan ahead
Your call center should constantly evaluate and analyze trends in your call volume throughout the year. This helps you determine the days when the call volumes are highest so you can make plans ahead of time. With this knowledge, you can schedule the workload as necessary and hire and train more staff to be ready when the busy seasons arrive.


2. Give your representatives advance notice
Keep your agents updated on upcoming busy seasons. Letting them know what to expect will prepare them to receive more calls and help them handle each situation more calmly and efficiently. This will make them more time-conscious and keep them focused. The quality of customer service they provide should not be affected by the increased quantity of calls.


3. Provide customers with self-help options
Customers would appreciate prompt resolution for their concerns and offering self-service options lets them have more choices than just waiting on the phone for a customer service representative. Instructional videos and answers to frequently asked questions can be posted on the website and be made known to customers via social media. The IVR can also be used to provide self-service features for minor concerns.

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4. Look for processes that you can automate
Aside from providing self-service features for customers, on the representatives’ end, there are some manual procedures that can be automated to help them work more quickly. This will also increase the call center’s efficiency.


5. Integrate information from all customer service channels into one database
It will be tiresome for customers and time-consuming for representatives if they have to constantly check different databases when customers switch from one customer service channel to another. Make sure that all of the customer’s information and all interactions between the customer and any representative, whether by phone, email, chat or social media, are properly documented in one system.


With these action steps, you’ll be well-equipped and prepared to cope every peak season. Another thing you can do, if you haven’t done so yet, is to outsource some of your tasks either to lessen the workload of your representatives or to ensure that you have enough staff to manage all your calls. If you’re looking for a call center you can trust, contact Taking You Forward, a contact center company in the Philippines. We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to assist you.