BPO Partnership PhilippinesWhen you outsource your company’s services to a BPO service provider, you engage in a partnership with that BPO company.  This partnership is as equally important as your other business relationships.  To ensure this investment pays off for both parties and that customers continue to receive excellent service, you will need to nurture and build on this liaison to make it last.  


We’ve discovered the best ways to strengthen your partnership with your BPO service provider:

  1.  Clarify expectations on both sides

To ensure smooth sailing for a business relationship, we need to clearly set the boundaries and performance expectations.  The contract should outline the benchmarks, objectives, measurements and ways to track progress.  Since they have experience in this line of work, let your BPO service provider also offer their input on the strategies and techniques to use in meeting those objectives and how you can support their efforts.  


  1.  Carefully select your company’s BPO management team

From your management team, choose the person or persons who can be trusted to monitor the progress of your outsourced tasks.  This manager should have the skills to oversee this venture and be able to collaborate well with the BPO team.  He will be the point of contact between yourself and the BPO company and will report their activities and relay their needs to your organization.  


  1.  Learn from each other’s experiences

See if you can share your learning on how to manage your costs for similar departments.  Your goal is to discuss the areas of concern for that particular department and provide suggestions on strategies that will help control cost.       


Check out this cool infographics: How Well Can You Manage Your Outsourced Team


  1.  Cooperate and aim for solutions that are beneficial for both of you

When larger issues appear, both the company and the BPO service provider need to work together to consider solutions that will benefit everyone involved.  Get more information, discuss your alternatives and listen to suggestions before making decisions and implementing the changes.  This will guarantee the success of any action plans and a mutually satisfying environment for your company and BPO service provider.  


  1.  Keep communication lines open and frequent

Making it a habit of communicating constantly promotes openness and honesty.  This will make it easier when there is a need to talk about concerns and it will help to lessen disagreements but it’s especially important when times of conflict arise, during busy seasons or when the workload increases.  

Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term outsourcing contract, it’s important to choose the right partner.  Taking You Forward, a BPO service provider in the Philippines, has the knowledge, skills, experience and flexibility to assist you with your business goals.  Call us today.