customer service When customers leave your company, are they gone forever or is there hope for their return?  Do you make an effort to win them back or do you pay attention only to new customers?  Successful companies have shown us that we should not restrict our initiatives only for new prospects.  Old customers who have moved their business elsewhere are another untapped market that could prove profitable if we handle their situation correctly.  


Here are some points to consider when planning your strategies for winning back your customers:  


  1.  Which customers are worth winning back?

Take the time to study your customers and gauge which customers are worth the time and effort.  There are different customers from different demographics and with different personalities and you’ll have to figure out which of them are likely to give you another chance or to produce a good return of your invested resources.  If you’re spending too much on resources without seeing results, it might be time to change your tactics or abandon that group of customers altogether.


  1.  Why did they leave?

One highly important factor that will determine if customers will return or not is the reason they left in the first place.  Have procedures in place that will document the situations and reasons why customers discontinue with your service.  Whatever the outcome, whether the customer returns or not, you will have gathered essential input to help you improve your products, services, and processes and for training your personnel.         


  1.  What can you do to solve the issue?

If the customer’s desire to depart is the result of an unresolved concern, be sure to fix the problem before anything else.  Even if they still decide in the end to part ways, there’s a good chance you left them with a better impression of you by making an effort to solve the matter.  Another benefit in doing this is that if it’s a similar concern shared by other customers, by fixing the problem at its source, you can prevent more customers from jumping ship.  


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  1.  What offers can you give to re-capture the customer’s interest?

Based on your evaluation of why the customer left and what drew them to you at first, you can now brainstorm different techniques such as offers and incentives to entice them to stay or to return.  It’s also vital to note that not all offers will work for different customers so make sure to customize your program to match certain customers.  


With these tips in mind, you can now tackle the challenge of winning back the customers you’ve lost or are about to lose.  If you need help from a third party provider for your sales and marketing initiatives, Taking You Forward is ready to assist you.  We are a BPO service provider in the Philippines skilled and knowledgeable in customer service, technical support and sales among others.