call center cebuOnce you’ve got your contact center department up and running, it’s important to have enough manpower to take care of each customer interaction.  This makes certain that your day to day operations will consistently be running smoothly.  This is achieved through efficient workforce management including the ability to forecast the number of agents needed to deal with all your calls.  To make an accurate calculation of the number of agents you need, you first have to determine the following information.


  1.  Call volume

This refers to the number of inbound calls received by your department in a specific time period.  You can retrieve this information from your system or tools.  If you wish to collect your data manually, however, another option is to ask your agents to take notes on the number of calls they receive every day.     


  1.  Your Service Level Goal

Now that you know approximately how many calls your department typically receives in a day, you should be able to set a target.  Calculate the percentage of incoming calls you expect your agents to answer within a specific length of time.  For most centers, the Service Level Goal is usually any number between 80 to 90 percent and in less than 30 seconds.  Your customer support team as a whole must be able to consistently fulfill this objective.  


  1.  Average Handle Time of Agents

AHT is a term often used in call centers and this refers to the length of time an agent takes to speak with a customer and resolve their concerns.  Using this estimate and your Service level goals and comparing and analyzing these together, you can now assess how many agents your department will require including on which days and on which shifts or times of the day.    


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  1.  Seasonal fluctuations

Although you now have a good idea of how many representatives your department will need on regular days, you will also need to make a forecast for future needs.  Take into account expected changes during particular times of the year such as peak seasons like holidays as well as off-season downtimes.  Create a plan on how to adjust your manpower so you can still meet your Service level goals.  


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